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Where do you call home?

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  • home is where you are most comfertable where your friends and family is home is where your heart is this is home
  • Portland, Oregon. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • San Diego
  • It's a place where I feel I'm alive.
  • Home is where I wish I were at this moment. It is the place where Chris, Connor and I live together. It is a place that Chris and I have made clean, simple, and comfortable. But Chris thinks I have this obsession with having a home that looks like the rooms came from magazines. I'll have to admit that there is some truth to that. I just enjoy entertaining and it feels good to hear that people say that my house looks beautiful. But on the other hand, it makes Chris upset because he feels like the way I want to live is very impersonal. I mean, there are pictures of the baby on the walls and things like that, but he complains that you could walk in our house and not even tell that we we're the ones living there. I just don't like useless things sitting around. Plus, it's hard to have specific odds and ends laying around when you have an infant learning to crawl and walk. Either way, it is our home and I love it!
  • Home is dependent on the situation. For me, most the time Home is my house now. Or where I am living currently. The old saying "home is where you hang your hat." For me "home is where I plug in my computer." I don't think of McKinleyville as home, just where I grew up. But a lot of people don't understand that so when I visit my parents it's just easier to say I'm going home. Even Corvallis felt like home more than McKinleyville.
  •  I call my heart home because that's where I can store my feelings and everything else.
  • Home is where im comfortable at the moment, if im most comfortable on a park bench its my home for the time being. At times ill be most comfortable in my house in my bed thats where home is, but other times home is in my best friends room or in my lovers arms. My home is always changing.
  •  My bedroom.
  •  Wow, this is most definitely a hard question for me. 

    Growing up was very difficult, always moving, always changing school, and making new friends. My mom always called everything "temporary" and that things would get better someday. I went to 3 different school in the 5th grade. I've lived in a womens shelter with my brothers and I, stayed nights at a park, and lived on my friends porch. Things were rough growing up, very rough. I had hope though, enough to get me to were I am today; a highschool graduate and a soon to be IUN freshman in college. I have came a long way from what I've went though. I now live with my controlling dad while my mom is going though Rehab. My whole family feels like a big lie. We are full of secrets; like the whole Kennedy scandal. 

    The places I have lived and grown more mature is what I call home. Even a night at the park I would call home, because at one time it was all I had and I gained so much strengh that night by staying up and watching over my family as we slept in my moms parked cadillac.

    Home is where you make it
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