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On Top of the World

What's the tallest building you've ever been to the top of? Did you ride the elevator or take the stairs the whole way? Was there anything interesting at the top (dining room, etc)?

Answers (9)

  • The tallest building I've been to the top of is Canada Square 1, also known Canary Wharf. It was as part of a geography A level field trip back in 1997. It had only just been built and the top floor, the 50th was empty - not even partition walls in. We took the lift up and apparently it was unusually at the time to have a single lift that went all to fifty floors. It was a grey rainy day, but there was still a good view down to the Millennium Dome (now called the O2 Arena) which was under construction.
  • There aren't tall buildings where I come from. Think the tallest one I've been to had like ten floors? LOL! And of course there wasn't anything good at the top... This country is so boring xD
  • The tallest building I have ever been to was also the Space Needle. It was this year 2015 back in February when my parents and sister came to visit me. It was amazing. Beautiful.
  • Tallest is the CN Tower, Toronto. Below that, I've been to the Willis (fmr. Sears) Tower in Chicago, then the original World Trade Center and Empire State Building in NYC. All by elevator. The highest building I've ever walked to the top using stairs was the war veteran's monument at High Point NJ., 220 feet high. Also the Statue of Liberty, 305 feet, half elevator (to top of pedestal) and half stairs (pedestal to crown).
  • My dad and I have been to the top of the arch in St. Louis and we walked the stairs all the way to the top. It was amazing to look out the little windows and see the skyline of the city. It was gorgeous.
  • The Daly plaza, when I had to go there as a juror. I had to ride the elevator. Glad it wasn't see through. I don't know if there was anything interesting at the top, since I don't like tall buildings.
  • I don't like heights, but I've been to the top of St Paul's Cathedral, which was a lot of stairs, but so worth it. The view across London was amazing. That was nearly 40 years ago though, so there are probably a lot of tall new buildings ruining it now.
  • The tallest building I've ever been in was likely a hotel. My career hasn't advanced enough to go into fancy, high-rise office buildings :) But one of my newest but fondest memories of being up high was a couple of years ago. I had gone to Canada to visit a friend whom I'd only known online up until then. We'd been friends for about seven years at the time. We decided to go to an anime convention there and during one of our evenings, we went up to the top of the convention building where there was a rec room. All of the other people that had joined him to go to the convention were out, and so we sat on the couch near the windows while no one else was in the room. He stayed rather busy fulfilling obligations he'd made to other people so it was nice to have that moment to ourselves as I'd spent most of the convention doing things by myself. We didn't say much, but he did apologize for "neglecting" me. It was fine, the convention offered a lot of things to do and see and people to talk to so I wasn't completely lonely. We turned around on the couch, on our knees, and looked out the window. We weren't the highest building in the area, but we were high enough. It was beautiful, with night not having completely fallen and just a tinge of the sun left, but hidden behind clouds. I had once lived in Alaska, but in the years I've been down south in the U.S., I'd forgotten just how long the northern summer sun lasts. A lightning storm had started, but it wasn't erratic. We watched the lightning on the clouds with the window open and enjoyed the summer breeze that came with it. We talked a little bit, about how we also didn't care too much for some of the other people that had tagged along in the group. We discussed how dream-like all of it felt. Even now, it still feels like a dream, but I know that's what makes it better. I hope my friend feels the same way. Of everything that happened during that weekend, that quiet, almost cliche moment was probably my favorite.
  • Ostankino tv tower - 540m! There was magnificent panoramic view of Moscow