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Where your memories began.

What is your earliest memory of your life?

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  • Christmas in our old house in Scotland, especially remember the tree next to the fireplace. I had just turned 1 like a couple months before.
  • Вокруг вода, а я такая маленькая, лет так пять... Это был бассейн, я была "смелая трусиха"))) Залезла на бортик, собилась с моих маленьким духом, дело в том что плавать то я не умела, в воде меня должна была ловить мама...
    Так бы наверно я стояла ещё долго, пока я не увидела отражение облаков в воде, и подумала раз они летают на небе, такие пушистые, значит они меня удержат))) и я прыгнула)) Я ПОПЛЫЛА САМА))) мама даже не успела за мной угнаться))) Счастью не было предела)))
  • I remember a few things form early on in my life but I honestly cant tell you which cam efirst.
    I vaguely remember waling into my Junior Kindergaten Classroom for the first time...with all teh colours and paints and stuff. But that's really hazzy so i suppose it doesnt fully count.
    Maybe, Senior kindergarten uh...i dont; know which one was the earliest. But I do remember this one time I skinned my knee (for the zillionth time that week) and the teacher was taking me to the office. She was only taking so I wouldnt get lost, but honestly, i been there so many times already I think even at 4 i couldve remember the way on my own. We passed by the other senior kindergarten classroom and they were all sitting on the matt. At this point in my head the memory differs...sometimes everyone is wearing costumes, and sometimes they arent. So I think I may be confusing one particular memory with the many times i passed by the classroom. But that;s not what; simportant. What; simportant is that I met my true love that day. We looked at each other. And I swear to god time slowed down as I took the three steps past the door. He was just this little guy with spikey black hair and slanted eyes. I was totally in lov ewith him. I never saw him gain that entire year. But I tried so hard to get to see him. I would go on expeditions outside the classroom and stuff....
    Anyhow. I'll STFU now. No one wants to know wbout my true love.
    His name;s Jerry by the way. And I still fin dhim completely irresistable at times ;) (that was a joke. he; sreally ugly now. But he;s really nice...well, sometimes. He;s a little withdrawn. But he's cool. An dhe; smy buddy. And he has a boyfriend. Named Alex. But Alex isnt gay. Because He made me promise to accept the fact he;s not gay...but he so is. Dont tell him I said so ...)
  • I think i may have short term memory loss

    i mostly don't remember things

    it's sad. i know

    oh well,

    but i guess my earliest memories is when i used to go fishing with my grandpa and my brothers

    i love it!

    not only cause i was mostly the one who caught more then the rest once in a while


    but because we all loved it, and enjoyed ourselfs (for once)

    but everything changed

    but whatever


    i will always (maybe) remember those days (sure i will, i bet i'll forget tomorrow)

    nah just kidding i won't forget this


    maybe :]
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  • dimly remember walking along in a batman suit with my older brother and sister, going to the hospital wher my younger brother was about to be born. my dad was holding my hand i think, and my brother was in something red. my siser looked like a man

    i reckon i was 2 yrs old.
  • i remember my brother's birthday, i was 3 then.
  • i think i was like 1 or 2 years old. i remember i was in this pink and white stripped bathing suit and my dad was holding me in the pool. i cant rememer alot. i dont even know how i felt but i have lots of pictures that my mom took.
  •  My two older brothers were dressing me for a photo shoot we were taking. It was for my mother's birthday, I'm sure. I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I had to be between two or three. The best part about this memory is that when I think back to it... I see it as if it was video taped. As if I was the camera... I see it in first person... My oldest brother reaching his hands under my neck tying a box across my collar..I love thinking back to this day because it's almost like an out of body experience... and people don't get those much, and because my memory is extremely bad.
  • It was a dream. I had 3 years old, I think. I remember dreaming about the song of Lucky Luke o.O And when I woke up, I thought it was a nightmare.
    Strange! lol

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