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I'm A Winner!

Do you play the lottery (such as the PowerBall or scratch tickets)? Have you ever won a significant prize? If you did win a jackpot, what's the very first thing you'd do with the money?

Answers (12)

  • If somebody (the Doctor?) gave me a jackpot-winning lottery ticket, I would do quite a bunch of dull sensible things with the money. Then I would have a GPS system installed in my car and pay Peter Cullen to record its vocabulary.
  • Someone once gave me a free Lottery scratchcard, and I scratched it and discovered that I'd won three pounds. I've never gone out and bought one myself, though -- I had some difficulty discovering how I was supposed to claim the money, and don't remember what I spent it on!
  • I have only played the lottery once and I didn't win. I used to get scratch tickets once in awhile and I usually break even on them. If I won a significant prize, I'd buy myself a house and fix up my Gramma's place. It needs new windows and stuff. I would put whatever I had left in a savings account and I'd keep my job.
  • For the first time ever in my life, I did win a not inconsiderable sum.... like $1065 or Eur.one THOUSAND... on a scratch card I just sent back so casually with an order for knickers to my catalogue!
  • Not once in my life have I ever played the lotto. Nor do I ever intend to. I'm sure winning is nice, but the odds just aren't in your favor.
  • Occasionally. I have won a few quid here and there, but never enough to retire on my earnings. I am not exactly sure what I would do with the winnings - probably keep quiet, then get financial advice.
  • I once won £50 on the Lottery, one of the very first times I played it, just after my 16th birthday. Used the winnings to buy myself the denim jacket I'd been eyeing. If I won a jackpot.... first things first would be to pay off all my debts, buy a house, buy a new car and go on holiday. Not a big house. Just a two bed - there's only me, why would I need anything bigger. All new furniture and get it decorated. Car would be a Peugeot 307 because WANT. Holiday would be 10 days in Vegas and then 10 days on a beach somewhere :)
  • First thing I'd do with a significant lottery prize? Pay off existing debt. Then I'd sit tight for a week or two to calm down and make rational decisions about what to do next. I'd take a look at all my current financial obligations and make sure that I reserve enough money to meet those obligations for the remainder of my life, and evaluate each new purchase with the same thing in mind. It makes sense, for example of evaluating potential investments as self-sustaining, to take a loan out to buy property even if you have enough money to pay in cash, if for example you collect rent on the property that can more than service the loan (eg: you made a big enough down-payment that you can rent it for more than it costs to pay the mortgage.) I think people tend to rush off and spend too much recklessly (eg: Vegas!) after a big windfall, buying fancy cars and mansions etc. But really, why? Is it to impress other people? Everything you own is another thing to take care of as well as to enjoy--if you buy a mansion, who is going to clean it? How will you pay them? What are the taxes? Do you really want a pool (which eat energy like crazy and cost a lot to maintain) or would you rather just live near a lap-pool where you can swim every morning with a lifeguard and not be paying for it 24/7 when you aren't even home? As for impressing people--in business or the entertainment industry you need to make your home a fancy display of success because you're trying to convince people to invest in you, so you throw parties etc. at your trophy house as a display to prove you are a profit-center for those who might fund your next project. But as a lottery winner, you don't need to suck up to anyone else to get money (& grifters will probably be sucking up to you, trying to sell you things you don't need), so why do you need anything to impress other people? Get what you need in the style that you like, but there's no need to go beyond what you need. Live like Warren Buffet--have a house, not a mansion, have a car, not a penis-extender. Nice things of reliable quality, but not ostentatious. I might buy a Tesla though, because it's a reliable car and would reduce my carbon footprint if I put solar panels on the house to recharge it. Unless someone else comes out with a cheaper electric car of similar driving range. I'd drive a Fiat 500e if it had Tesla's range; for me it wouldn't be about status but utility.
  • I played the lottery a hand full of times, but most when the prize is some huge amount of money. I never think about "what would I do if I won", because to think of that as a remote possibility is a waste. If it happens, it happens. Now, opening an pack of Magic and getting a good card, now that is a lottery I will play. The other weekend, I even bough new special packs at $10 each that James suggested, saying were some pretty good cards. So $50 later, I opened none of the high value cards, so but I enjoyed that much more than the Power Ball. I did get some good cards I can use in my Modern deck though, which was a plus.
  • The ONLY lottery I've ever played was where I tried to have a good day, and not associate with anyone. With the internet, I win that one almost all the time. In real life, I win it 100% of the time.
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