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Merry Arbor Day!

What is your favorite holiday? What do you usually do on this day -- do you have any special traditions for it?

Answers (14)

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween. I dress up, watch horror movies and get some candy. My only "special tradition" is that I usually light a candle for people I've lost during the year.
  • My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. I'm not exactly sure why, we never do anything special. I am a really emotional person but I think I hide it. If you don't know me I may come off as a bit cold. I had an old boss comment once on the fact that I have such a blank stare when he speaks with me. I try to hide it all and show no emotion at times. Maybe it is because of this that I like the holiday so much. A whole day that is just about love, how could that be bad?
  • This one's too easy. It's so simple for me because I love food: Thanksgiving. What I really love is how it's made stuffing a special event. My brother and I are of age, but my parents still get sparkling grape juice and drink it out of goblets. As much as I love shopping, I'm proud to say I've never gone Black Friday shopping. I want to make THAT my tradition.
  • Halloween! It really started as a child I suppose. My mom always had us decorate every window in the house with elaborate home made decorations. We didn't have a lot of money so we made our own. I recall sitting at our kitchen table with construction paper, crayons, and Elmer's glue creating haunted houses, full moons, bats, ghosts, etc. We always made our own costumes (except a couple of years when we were real little). One particular Halloween I recall snagging a flannel shirt and overalls from my dad and sewing strips of yellow and green terrycloth to the legs and sleeves. Then I took one of those plastic pumpkins and cut out the bottom so it would fit over my head to create a scarecrow costume. LOL
  • Well I live near Boston so my favorite holiday has got to be the 4th of July. USS Constitution takes her turn around cruse through the harbor, the Boston Pops and the National Guard play the 1812 Overture and the fire works are amazing! I also love the Sandcastle Festival here on Revere Beach. Great sand castles, lots of music and fun, and in the end, more fireworks!
  • christmas... I like it because of the presents and the snow. I love snow!!! and then I also have birthday 2 days after... xD
  • Christmas Eve, we usually have a themed dinner last year was creole this year its Asian food. I like helping to make the food its interesting to learn new recipes from different cultures.
  • I have 2, I think.. Christmas !! because I love the cold and getting gifts and being with my family, and all that. Even though in my family we're already grown ups, except for my niece, we still wait for santa and get surprises on the christmas tree !! Because we all buy something the others might like, so is awesome!! Mexican Independence Day, because everything's so mexican.. haha my country isn't the best economically or politically, BUT our culture is Awesome and on this day, everything's mexican and we party with friends, family and anyone.. there are traditions, but since it involves politicians I dont get involved.. I mainly party with my friends =)
  • Hallowe'en. I get to take my mask off. ]8E
  • I'm not sure if I have a favorite one. I used to be more observant of holidays as a child when my family observed them. We had Thanksgiving dinner at home, and Christmas and Easter at home, and Halloween at home, and New Year's Eve at home. Or at least, I did. Actually, Halloween isn't a holiday, so never mind that. Holidays are lower on my level of awareness now. Easter cruises past me. After some Easters, I see leftover candy sometimes in the break room for those who want some. There's also a small Christmas tree in a box on the fridge in the break room. I might say my favorite holiday is Christmas because I get the longest time off from work for it and I typically see all my siblings and their spouses around then if not otherwise. I'm usually by myself on Thanksgiving.
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