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Who is your favorite movie/TV/cartoon character of all time? Why? What is the special significance of that character to you?

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  • Charlie Pace from Lost; I just thought it was inspiring how he beat his drug addiction. Plus, his death was pretty much the only one on the show that truly upset me. He was awesome too, befriending Claire and helping to take care of her baby.
  • My favorite TV character was Max from Dark Angel. The show ended after only 2 seasons, but I felt like Max (played by Jessica Alba) was such a great role model. She was so independent, strong & just everything I wanted to be. I wanted to be a bad ass. If you haven't watched the show, I suggest it. It sucks how it ended because it left it with a cliff hanger. I am 24 now & still see that character as a role model (the show aired when I was like 12 lol) I might actually rewatch the seasons again. (:
  • I can't really think of one movie or TV, especially "of all time," so I have to go with Clarissa Darling from Clarissa Explains it All. A nice little throwback to childhood. She embodied this alt-type girl who was still relatable. She had the best 90's style IMHO, the coolest room, and a best guy friend with that stylish mushroom cut. I have a younger brother (although definitely not a monstrosity) and grew up next to boys. This show was probably the last sitcom with a laugh track I ever liked, and definitely tied for first with Salute Your Shorts in old school Nickelodeon shows. Oh yeah, and I loved Judy on Doug.
  • Samurai Jack, that cartoon has everything. Great art & great story (funny, sad, action, etc)
  • scooby-doo, oh how i love that cartoon, even to this day i still watch scooby and the gang solve mysteries and unmask the masked monsters. i remember watching with my sisters and our dad. i will treasure the memories till the day i leave this realm and move onto the next.
  • Movies: I like Dexter and Emma from "One Day" even though that was heartbreakingly close to my life when I saw it. I cried so much, especially at the end, that I spent at least 10 minutes in the theatre after it was over. Stephen and Jane from "The Theory of Everything" Alan and Joan from "The Imitation Game" Jesse and Celine from "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset", I have not seen "Before Midnight" as of yet. & Adaline and Ellis from "The Age of Adaline" which I just saw very recently. TV and Cartoons: I haven't watched much TV in years so I can't say who my favourite TV character is. My favourite cartoon characters as an adult were Ichigo and Rukia from the anime Bleach, I watched over 100 episodes in Japanese with English subtitles back in 2006 but then youtube put a limit on length of videos and most of them were deleted. Also, an english version came out and ruined it for me.
  • Daria Mograndorffer. She's an intelligent character with barbed wit that mostly goes unappreciated by her classmates and family, yet rather than alter herself to fit in, she prefers to stay out of the mainstream. She's the person I wished I could have been in high school. But I was more like Tina from Bob's Burgers.
  • Torchwood's Ianto Jones. Snarky, witty, unflappable, kick ass, and looks drop dead gorgeous in a suit. He's overworked, underappreciated by most of his colleagues, but just gets on sand does whatever needs doing, usually without getting so much as a thank you, and keeps everyone else organised. All that and he makes great coffee. I want a Ianto!
  • Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener from Cowboy Bebop because... well just watch the Jupiter Jazz episodes he was in to find out. Fascinating character. :D
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