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Wait, Where Am I?

Are you a sleepwalker? If so, does it happen often or rarely? What's your best sleepwalking story?

Answers (8)

  • No I am not a sleepwalker, but I have heard stories about people that do, and some of them are crazy! I know someone that ended up down the street from his house. He doesn't remember going down the stairs or unlocking the door. And it was winter so you would think that the cold would wake him up, but it didn't and he woke up just outside a neighbor's house. And only because the dog started barking.
  • I couldn't swear to ever sleepwalking. "Might've" isn't good enough for me. I've had fairly realistic dreams where I dreamt I woke up in my own bed, but that's another subject.
  • I'm not. Or, if I am, it happens very rarely and I always manage to get back into bed like nothing happens. There,s only this one time I woke up wearing nothing but my underwear and I was sure I was wearing my pjs when I went to sleep. I NEVER removed them... I don't know... But, nope. I don't sleepwalk.
  • I am not a sleepwalker. But coincidentally, I watched Anastasia (1997) yesterday and Anastasia did walk in her sleep.
  • No I am not a sleepwalker. But my mom's brother was. One time he sleepwalked into the family living room and walked into a wall in the living room, waking himself up. Another time he sleepwalked into their neighbor's yard and had to be woken up and walked back home.
  • Nope.
  • I am not a sleepwalker, I think it's because I never am a sound sleeper. I would think the moment I would adjust to move, I would wake up. The closest thing to sleep walking is somethings I feel like my bedroom and another location in my mind have fused. It's hard to explain, but it would be like my bedroom would be overlaid in a doctor's office or a friend's dinning room, with ghostly figures there. It's odd and frightening, but thankful that does not happen that much.
  • Only as a teenager - I was really keyed up in regards to my exams and I sleep-walked into the wall, mistaking in for a door. Lucky not to break my nose.