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How do you feel about e-readers? Would you rather read an actual, physical book? Why do you prefer one over the other?

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  • I use to be very against e-readers, even after my cousin had bought me one for Christmas a couple years back. The tactile experience of holding a book, and physically turning pages is something that I very much experience. I have learnt to appreciate e-readers though, as they can store a variety of books in one very light weight, compared to some books, package. E-readers are definitely more worthwhile on a vacation, as it helps you to pack lighter.
  • At first take, I was thinking 'hate e-readers; won't have anything to do with them' ... then I took a second to think about WHY I dislike the idea of electronic books, and I realized that e-readers are a natural response to the changes in technology happening today. And with more and more people wanting easy-access to books/information contained in books, they have gained popularity. Just because I don't own one - and have no real desire to buy one for myself - doesn't make my reaction to e-readers reasonable. And, while I was thinking about that, I slowly realized just how MUCH fan-fiction I read - hours and hours of FAN fiction, ... electronic books. So, while I do love actual physical books, I also take advantage of the online communities where fans post their stories. Which means, I shouldn't complain when someone talks about how they love and enjoy their e-readers.
  • Physical books are always preferred. Reading on my phone or whatever seems to be too distracting.
  • I love e-readers, I have an app called moon reader on my tablet in order to read e-books there. It depends on what I am reading, if I am reading a book in my own native language (Arabic) I prefer to read an actual physical book. If the book that I am reading is in English, I prefer to read on e-reader especially on moon reader app. The reason I prefer moon reader than an actual physical book when it comes to English books, because sometimes I like to check the dictionary and there is a dictionary in the app and you can also search on Google images it helps me see the image of the words that I don't understand.
  • I love the feel of paper between my fingers, I love the small of the paper, though, I have nothing against a e-reader, my first choice will always be book version.
  • I love the feel of an old book, the way the paper smells, how pages all feel different. An e-reader doesn't have a scent, and always feels the same. The comfort in the book is lost, another case of character lost in the name of "progress".
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