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Do you put bumper stickers or other decorations on your vehicle? If so, what types are they -- humorous, political, etc? What's the best sticker or sign you've seen on someone else's vehicle?

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  • Strangely enough, I didn't put any bumper stickers on my car and the few decorations were stickers where I had donated to the police. I really never went in for bumper stickers or thought, "I really have to put that on my car."
  • I usually don't apply bumper stickers to my vehicle, but I love to read others, especially funny ones. I was travelling home from work one Friday evening in Birmingham, Alabama. It was Talladega Race weekend, and among the many vehicles entering I-20, I saw a bumper sticker on a pickup truck which read "I'm not speeding, I'm qualifying".
  • I am a huge fan of bumperstickers, the more clever the better. I've owned three cars, and they've all had at least one. My current car has only one; a purple background with "Be Witched!" in white. My last car, a POS Corsica, had a zillion. "God Bless The Freaks" "Happy Naked Pagan Dance" and "I know there's a hell; I work in retail" were a few of them. There are a ton I'd love to have on my car, but as I love my car and don't want to see it hurt I avoid putting any stickers on that may induce anonymous vandalism. The last thing I need is broken windows, punctured tires, keyed gouges, and spray-paint damage because someone didn't like what my sticker said. I will admit, I audibly roll my eyes at stickers that are purposefully incendiary, pro-forced-birth, overly religious, overly political... One time I had a woman ask for me to take her picture next to my car for a scavenger hunt in which she was participating. She had to find a car with bumperstickers, and as mine had the MOST in the lot (this was the Corsica, btw) she figured it would be the best entry. *lol* I have several stickers saved aside, but I don't want to use them in case I can't get another for a future car. I have Key West ones I'd love to put on my Grand Am, but not until I make another trip for back-ups. :D
  • I don't put bumper stickers on my car, but I have seen some pretty cool ones. One of the girls I work with is very into self-expression. She drives a beat up old car, but it is covered from front to back with all kinds of stickers. She has gaming symbols, smiley faces, Disney characters, religious stickers... literally covering every inch of her car. She even has a plastic hand sticking out of the back of her trunk. It's pretty cool. There's also another co-worker who decorates his truck with religious and political stickers. And not the one-liners either. He has huge chunks of scripture stuck to his tailgate. It's pretty interesting to see what people are willing to put on their vehicles.
  • If I was to put ANY promotional "sticker" on my car, I would first attach it to a strong SHEET MAGNET. I don't want to fight removing an old sticker from the car (even if it is made of durable vinyl). The BEST sticker I have seen was: WAR- It doesn't determine who is RIGHT It only determines who is LEFT
  • Does a transformers badge count? I had a metal Decepticon badge stuck on the back of my last car as it did not drive too well! I have a matching Autobot badge, but I don't want to put it on my brand new car (which thoroughly deserves to be on the side of the good guys, it's a dream!). 'Stay back, I kick!' was quite a good sticker, with a picture of a horse, I mean, who doesn't hate tailgaters? STOP IT.
  • I used to have some pretty in-your-face stickers on one of my old cars, but nowadays, I don't use them, for a few reasons. For one, I've known of people whose employers have used information garnered from their bumper stickers against them, and those friends have lost their jobs over it. It could not be proven, but these folks did not otherwise share their views or lifestyles with their employers. It's pretty crappy. The other reason I don't use them is that people are straight-up CRAZY nowadays! You never know if your car is going to be vandalized or if you are going to be assaulted, just because of a bumper sticker. I'd rather not invite trouble. The third reason I do not display bumper stickers is my car is not really mine, and the owner doesn't want stickers all over the car.
  • Yes, I do and my stickers are pretty straight political: "Vote this party/candidate/issue". I like the funny ones though. Favorite I've seen "Drive Carefully, 50% of people are caused by accidents". Stickers I wish I had the nerve to put on my car: "Born Okay the First Time!" & "Why don't you DRIVE pro-life?"
  • I have one that says "If your going to ride my arse the least you could do is pull my hair."
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