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What Was I Saying?

Do you ever talk out loud to yourself? What do you say? Why do you think you do this?

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  • Yes eeveryday...sometimes it only teasng my self but sometime I end up having a whole argument with myself out loud....you have no idea how humiliating to have an argument out loud by yourself while in a public place....god someof the looks I got...but I gotta agree with them that I feel like an raving lunatic at those moments.
  • I have done this a lot because as a kid, I didn't really have much friends in my life because of my sheltered life that my parents had me in. Now as an adult I talk more and more to myself because one I have "personalities" within me that understand me more then my own family does. When I cry, they are there to comfort me and keep me from doing something stupid to anyone or to myself....
  • I do it constantly. I have conversations. I think it's the right and left sides of my brain talking to each other.
  • Yep, all the time. Usually to remind myself what I mean to get/do when I get to where I was going.
  • Yes, and it is disgusting. :3 i felt that i have no friends by talking my self out loud. :'(
  • I DO! All the time. Usually with the cats or any inanimate objects. And definitely when I get annoyed at something. *lol* Poor did get used to it after awhile and now he knows when I talk to him or not. I don't know how he knows, but he knows. At work, it's even more hilarious. X-D At all the libraries I've worked at, none of the other librarians have even commented on my walking around muttering to myself. Why? BECAUSE THEY ALL DO IT TO!!! It's hilarious! Somehow it works though, and we poke each other to get each others attention when we want to say something or talk about something. I might end up at another library after my sick-leave. And I know a couple of the librarians working there, so I know it will be the same thing again. :-D Who said librarian work was boring? *lol* ...
  • Yes, and not just because I'm injured it's currently harder to go out and mither people than it was previously! I'm constantly talking, I can make sarcastic comments about people just to amuse myself, I mutter so I can remember what I need to do next so I don't forget and when driving, if some stranger is a twat and doesn't acknowledge thanks for being let into a traffic queue, I'll make some comment about manners being free or mimic the other driver! I don't think this is so unusual... Especially when driving! People are constantly opening the mouth when doing that. Comments?
  • I always talk out loud to myself, it's become a habit. Sometimes I talk about the situations I'm in, sometimes I create these dialogues that will end up becoming fics that I'll write. I don't know why I do that, but I kind of... like... my voice? A lot? Guh. That is weird!
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