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Know any great comebacks?

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  • In terms of comebacks, the Deer Path wii bowling team’s a good example of that. After the 1st week of tournament play, we were only in 3rd place. Over the two weeks following that, we actually managed to crawl and claw our way into 2nd place. That happened because Sean actually had two games where he actually had a perfect game scored. I’ve never actually seen that, outside of playing just for fun; however, I hope our scores from last night will help us go further towards the top.

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    Remember, I am coming soon! God will bless everyone who pays attention to the message of this book. Rev 22:7 Contemporary English Version
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  •  Okey-doke, here are mine....

    You smell funny! (yeah, lame, but I love Jack)
    A camel can converse better than you!
    I heard you got a braintransplant, but the brain rejected you.
    Not even Elizabeth Bathory would bathe in your blood! she'd just turn up her nose!
    If I were Vlad Tempest...you'd be a walking zombie who wore tights and think you were Superman! it'd be so funny to have you fall out a window, laugh as you went "SPLAT" and then have you do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!
    The Thrift Store called, they say they want their clothes back! you ho-bo!
    If all the world were a stage...you'd be the last one picked for the leading role!
    Talk to me again, and you names shall be B.O.B.!
  •  says skinny boy with small penis "baby, did I rock your world last night?" to a thick hot mamma.

    "fool, rock my world?  what? it was like trying to give a tic tac to a whale!"

  •  yo mamma!

    (works for anything!)


  • "Your Face" i find comes in handy as does
    "Your Mom"
    failing that 
    "I know you are but what am i?"
  • Do not speak unless you can improve the silence. Fantastic come back, fun to say, and doesn't usually lend someone the opportunity to say much in response.
  • Said to men who make cat calls on the street, or one those who don't appreciate you:

                                                         I'm more woman than you can handle and more of a man than you'll ever be.
  • ... So? ... So What? ... And? ...
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