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Melt or Freeze?

If there were only two choices, would you rather live in a really cold environment or a really hot one? Why? What are your tips for making either of these more comfortable to exist in?

Answers (29)

  • Hot. Dear God, hot. It takes much longer to kill you, it's easier to cope with, and it doesn't cost you body parts. And in either case the heat pump has been available since 1851.
  • I will prefer freeze, so I can stay away from bugs and insects. When I am cold, I can move my body to get myself warm or drink warm drinks.
  • Melt. I have had enough of the weather here in Minnesota and I would rather prefer to feel heat all of the time instead of feeling cold and I would feel less depressed with the sun out a lot more.
  • I would rather freeze as it's relatively easy to keep yourself warm in the cold. But at the same time, sometimes I like the warmth of heat.
  • I like cold environments. I suppose the preference arises from early childhood. Life in a cold environment can be expedited by keeping the feet dry and the head warm. A heavy woman also helps, unless the sleeping situation is dry with plenty of blankets.[D3B8C6J1L20K7] Thanks L D3B8C6J1L20K7
  • For me it would be in between cold and hot
  • Even though I hate to be cold, it's much easier to get warm when you're cold than to get cool when you're hot (once you're nekid, that's as far as you can go...), so much as I hate it, I'd pick cold.
  • I suffer with the cold, but prefer the cold rather than the heat. Tip for the winter - throw on heaps of clothing and adjusting the heating. Soups/stews/hot drinks. Tip for the summer? Peppermint soap for washing in and iced peppermint tea to drink - especially the latter :-)
  • I can tolerate cold clima better than hot temperatures. So winter for me. As for making winter tolerable: building snowmen, snowball fights, hot food and drinks, yarn, books and of course a hot stove will work wonders!
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