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Do you laugh at things that you shouldn’t? Describe one time in particular when this happened. Did someone else see you laughing? If so, what happened?

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  • I don't know why as long as I am outside my house I don't like to be angry or cry (I only be like that at home). Most of the time I have a smile on my face or have a small laugh. Most of the people think that I am a little bit rude to them, but I don't mean that. Nowadays I am trying to control my smile.
  • I usually laugh when my boss screw up and you know whats gonna happen next :D
  • YES , I may see something out the window at a diner and giggle at kids outside and I may be daydreaming on my own children . My husband is always asking me what I am laughing at . I winder if I seem air headed or distant ?
  • I sometimes think things are funny that aren't found so funny by others and sometimes I don't think things are funny that are found funny by other people. The one that stands out for me is when I was 20 or so, at a friend's birthday party. We were standing in line for food at his home and holding plates. His mother gave us napkins and said, "These are napkins" and left. My friend said, "She's like that sometimes." I didn't laugh loudly, but I almost fell over. I think my friend was a little puzzled at why I'd think that was so funny.
  • Back in the...oh, when this kind of thing was a thing and not a meme, my friends who swooned over Leonardo DiCaprio (showing my age here) forced me to watch Titanic with them. The scene where the funny sidekick bites it had me giggling. The scene where DiCaprio dies and there's hand-holding and Celine Dion? I was laughing hard enough to fall off the couch. Apparently that's not the reaction that teenage girls were supposed to have to that scene. Apparently it's not a comedy and you are supposed to cry and hug. Eh, what do I know, right? This has happened for actual serious situations too, but I can't think of any specific examples. P.S. That door easily could have fit two people.
  • All the time. I can't even remember.
  • I try to have some restraint... but... I spent my birthday last year at a viewing (before the funeral) of my godmother, who had just passed away a few days prior. Unfortunately, I had to also bring along a three-year-old boy, who upon seeing my godmother in her casket exclaimed, "Why is there a lady sleeping in the bathtub?" I... may have giggled at how cute he was... but completely inappropriate setting to do so >_<
  • Two or more topics are being discussed at the same time by several people. Someone tells me something funny which makes me laugh out loud. And at the same time a third person tells something quite tragic which happened to her a while ago...
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