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Nervous Nellie

Do you get nervous easily? If so, what are some things that make you nervous? If not, describe the last time that you felt really nervous. What were you doing?

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  • I get pretty nervous pretty easily as I age, god knows why. It really gets on my nerves. I used to inhibit so much confidence in me and as I age, it seems to slowly dissipate away from my life. I now get nervous basically for EVERYTHING. It have made me become a really uptight person, and I hate it. Am desperate to find a cure to this..really.
  • Everything makes me nervous. Being around strangers, paying for things, driving, public transportation, answering a phone call for a number I don't know, hugging people, asking a question, dates, interviews, etc. The last time I felt extremely nervous was when I had to present something for a class. It was fucking awful and my face turned bright red and I could barely speak.
  • I get nervous before exams but I calm down when I know the answers, and when I have job interviews. I think I will be nervous when I have a blind date, other than that I don't get nervous.
  • The only time I get nervous is meeting new people because I try my best not to make my first impressions very awkward.
  • Why does it matter?
  • I'm not really nervous that often, it's more a thing for days when it's been too much. Last time I was nervous, I was at work and we were waiting for an ambulance carrying a lady who survived three codes on the way
  • Lots of things make me nervous. Anticipation of trying to find a parking spot in a congested area makes me nervous. Flying probably makes me somewhat nervous. I might be nervous if I were trying to make smalltalk with a stranger, but I hardly ever do that, so that's not an issue. Job interviews make me nervous, not that I've had one for several years.
  • I get nervous quite easily. Speaking in front of the class, doing something new and of course I suffer from stage fright. Oddly enough I love being the center of attention <.<'
  • I don't really get nervous a lot, but I do get nervous if I'm going to meet new people or if I have some kind of interview. I work in retail, so talking t people doesn't really bother me.
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