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Writer's Block

Choose a Power

If you could have the power to fly, be invisible, or teleport anywhere, which would you choose?

Answers (248)

  • Flying would be nice. Being invisible would be nice. Teleporting would be nice. But, given the choice, I would chose power to daily walk out what I believe. kingdomofGod
  • Телепорт! Невидимкой быть здорово, конечно, но можно такое увидеть и услышать, что жить не захочется, а летать здорово, но не в наших погодных условиях...

  • be invisible...so i can come closer to the person i love the most in my entire life forever....that's all i need...~
  • power to fly
  • I would love to have the ability to fly. Everytime I see a bird flying through the sky just one thought crosses my mind: I want to fly too. I would love to feel the wind and to fly as high as I can so see everything getting smaller and smaller. I think that if I could fly I would be as free as I can be.
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  • Teleportation. It's just so frustrating that there are so many people I just can't visit whenever I feel like it, because they're all over the planet.
  • Of those three, I would choose teleportation. I have long wanted to teleport. But of course, my first love will always be shape-shifting.
  • привет) я б хотел бы быть с теми людьми, о которых только подумал, наверное телепорт.
  • thats easy be able to teleport that way id never be late ever again !!!

    Abzey ( Your Twinn)
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