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Did you ever have a terrible roommate? What did they do that bothered you so much?

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  • yesss omg she liked to sing, and she wasnt vrery good but you know i dont have the heart to tell her but when we would get ready for bed ... instead of getting in to bed like me and actually sleep she would pick that time to do her vocal excersises and sing. :I while i was trying to sleep..... it not only bothered me but it pissed me off .. happend every nigh for a week.
  • Once about two years ago I had a horrific roommate. I went to Pittsburgh with a friend to the casino, you know just to get out of town for a bit. hen we were on our way back home I get a call from my roommates girlfriend, and she tells me that she thinks the T.V. is broken. I am pissed about that as I am renting that T.V. and still have to pay for it if it is broken and not covered by the warranty. So about an hour later when I get home I look at the T.V. and can tell by the spiderweb cracks in the screen, that someone had thrown something at it. Of course they both deny it, saying they don;t know what happened. I had to pay for the T.V. and I asked them tyo tell me the truth or get out . So they left to me that is an admission of guilt.
  • I've never had a roommate. I went right from high school and living with my parents to being married. I guess I could consider my husband a roommate. I can remember there being kind of an adjustment period but it had more to do with the relationship changes than living habits. I can't remember anything that he did that bothered me while figuring it all out. There may be some things now that drive me crazy though. Like, he sings all the time. All. The. Time. It is like my life has a real time soundtrack that I can never turn off. And it isn't even real songs all the time. They may be about the cat or sandwich he is making, anything really, but nearly non stop. I suppose if that is my biggest complaint then things are not so bad.
  • I lived in a flat with five other girls, I had two. The first one was a mess, she never cleaned her room and it always smelled of cheese! The second one smoked way too much weed and it used to stink out the corridors, she would have sex way too loud, you would think that you living next door to Pamela Anderson! And when she brought her friends round, they were loud and rude!! No respect for others!
  • I had a roommate who was a complainer with an ego. I could have lived with all his complaining if he'd been a nice guy. However, he was always late or unable to pay portions of the rent or utilities which I was then forced to pay on my own. It was annoying, but I didn't want to have things turned off or get kicked out because of him, especially because the apartment was in my name. The worst part was that after he'd finally moved out, a bunch of our mutual friends informed me that he'd been telling everyone that he paid for everything and I'd been the one who was always missing payments. What a jerk! I had to make a chore list so that he'd actually help me get things done around the house (I was under the naive impression that we were grown ups and didn't need something like that) and he still tried to avoid helping. Before he moved in with me I told him that I would need him to let the dog out if ever he got home before me or left the house after me. This way, the dog gets let out as soon as I get up, right before the last person leaves the apartment, as soon as someone enters the apartment, and right before I go to bed, with walks in between as I saw fit. I realize that some people might not agree, but I believe that if you live with someone who has a dog, you should want to help make sure that dog doesn't have accidents inside. It's not like I asked him to take him on walks, just let him go do his business. And, he agreed and said it would be no problem before ever moving in. However, I know he constantly neglected to do that for me and then would pretend he didn't see the accidents that occurred inside because of it. It's not like he was a stranger, either. We'd been friends before I let him move in with me. And, he always professed to love my dog and wished he could have him. So glad I was never inclined to let him have him because he would have totally neglected him. Oh yeah, he borrowed my complete final fantasy collection and never gave them back. He still insists he never borrowed them at all.
  • Oh gee, where do I start? My flatmate kept an oil heater going at least eight hours a day in winter, then complained about the high power bill, denying it was the heater that caused it and expected me to pay half. Then she got married, her husband moved in and she still expected me to pay half the rent. I was so glad when I moved out.
  • When I was living in Vermont, I had plenty of roommates, but oddly enough, none of them did anything to annoy me. They were always gone doing there own thing.
  • I had one that I traveled with for a month in Europe. She never left the room, and would always talk to her boyfriend who was back in California in the middle of the early morning, and this would go on for an hour or two each day. Also because she never left the room unless there was a group meeting, I never had any privacy of my own, so the two times i hooked up with someone, or needed some one on one time with myself, I had to use a park close to one of the hotels, and the alley behind a group of bars in Oslo. Yeah real classy I know. I did approach her about it a few times. I will usually give roommates a pass, because it's hard to travel when you are homesick, but it always be like 4am and I would here "Hey Honey...what you doing." or "Hey baby, what's you thinkin'" It almost drove me to madness....
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