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Nostalgic memories

What moment or event from your childhood do you cherish most? Why is it so special to you?

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  • Well, the video games I played, and ideas for potential scripts I got from playiing them, as well as movies I went to watch. I don't remember people so much, but I don't like to remember people so much. Just wish as far as people go, they don't get mad if you forget them. Remembering people is too complicated for me.
  • I would have to say one of the most cherished memories was when I waited for my father at the age of 5 coming to visit me. I ran up to him as he picked me up I remember i wore a pink dress. As I ran up to him as he picked me up in his arms. I complained to him "Daddy don't wrinkle my dress." His smile always lit up the room. My dad couldn't help but chuckle and smile. A very fond memory I have of my father. Who is no longer with us. I will never forget that day. I looked up to my father ever since I was a child. #fatherdaughter
  • none!! I have not ONE good memory of my childhood
  • The part that sticks out to me offhand is when I was sitting down on the porch with the family cat. I was perhaps five at the time. I remember it being a pleasant experience to just be hanging out with the cat sitting next to me. (Although a moment later, I noticed the cat looking intently at something to our side, and it was a possibly rabid mole/gopher that was standing up out of a burrow and growling a few feet away... :O ) Decades later, I had a dream of sitting next to the cat, and I said, "I love you," and the cat meowed in the dream, which meant, "I love you, too."
  • In the words of Gahan Wilson: "People who remember how great it was to be a kid don't remember how it was to be a kid."
  • I don't really remember much of my childhood, but I did have certain habits, such as singing, or doing impressions, and drawing and writing, along with watching movies and television, that my parents kept me in front of, along with playing video games. Why? It was the ONLY thing to this day that I am qualified for, so to speak.
  • It's hard to select one, but I will use the first one that pops to my mind, and it's fitting since it is a cold winter day here. The weather here changes so much, it had snowed a few days easier but this particular afternoon it was like in the 40's. There was one time that I wore a tutu out in the melting snow after a lesson, I must have been like 5 or 6 at time, and I got it all wet and dirty from playing in it with my friends. I didn't think about it when I did, I was being some sort of princess with a sword (I recall I had a stick). It was not til everyone was called back home by their parents that I noticed that it was destroyed., that the skirt part was all ripped up. I thought my dad was going to kill me, so I hid, poorly outside my house by the trashcans. My mom found me and ask what happened, and I told her, waiting for her to yell at me. I swore she was going to be be like a mad monster, tell my father and he too. Nope, she just got me out of from behind the trashcan, and told me to clean up, and that tomorrow we woudl go out and get another tutu. There was no lecture, and I found out later, she was just glad I was having some fun with my friends, that was more important than some piece of clothing.
  • Sitting in the cool of my room with the sweet country air of a summer day blowing through an open window, tousling sheer curtain fabric. Nothing but natural light and pure relaxation. That happens to be one of the moments that I can remember feeling the most alive. That sort of feeling mixed with the bliss of being young..it proves to be rather difficult to come by, at least anymore it is.
  • When I was three or four (I don't remember the exact age) I had a blue teddy bear which I liked a lot. Mom and I played every day on her bed when dad wasn't at home. She always took one of my dolls, which had bunny ears, and sang an annoying song and I complained every time I heard it. She only laughed and continued singing. I didn't have friends back then since we just had moved to a new city, so only mom played with me. It's something I like to remember from time to time, because even if mom and I disagree with things and fight all the time, she's probably the only one who's always been there and will always be here for me (not even dad can say that!). And the other one was when my sister was born. She almost died of asphyxia because the stupid doctor "didn't think a c-section was necessary" and refused to perform it during almost a week. When she was born, she was completely red from head to toe. At first I thought "is that a baby?" because I was five and didn't understand a thing about what was going on ("why is the baby red, dad? babies aren't red!"). Then, after she was cleaned and her skin had a normal color again, dad let me carry her for a moment. It felt so weird, because she was so light hahahahahaha! Now she's fifteen and somehow remembering that she was that small once makes me feel nostalgic (and a bit old, lol).
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