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Take my money!

What's something you're capable of doing yourself, but will gladly pay someone else to do instead? Why?

Answers (25)

  • I am ready to pay money for cleaning the apartment, but not for repairs
  • The simplest chores like change the filter for the A.C., the light bulbs, clean--mostly because I don't have time to do it properly.
  • Personally, it won't be a good idea because nowadays some people can get really sloppy, especially when you pay them to do something. For example, if the hair dresser does your hair and you pay for it and she messes it up, a normal person would be upset about it.
  • Easy: mowing the lawn. I didn't thrill to it when I was in my twenties, and now that I am at the end of my forties, I come to it with the heaviest loathing, like a cat to a bath, like a rich man to tax time, like a kid to the dentist. If I can pay someone else to do it, can I throw in cleaning the bathroom, the toilet and the shower, along with the floors? Life is so short, and to have to spend that time toiling in such drudgery is like having one's life-blood sucked out, slowly and torturously, ounce by precious ounce - time and energy that could have been used to read another chapter or a poem, or to work on that paragraph one is writing and building up.
  • Cutting my hair. I can trim the front and trim the back and even feather it out on top after a fashion, and make it do four months or so between 'proper' cuts -- but it's such a beastly job fiddling round trying to see the reflection of the back of your own head and stopping the little bits from going down your collar (I tend to do it in pyjamas and then send the pyjama jacket to the wash) that increasingly often I just go to get it cut again when it first starts to get long.
  • I would gladly pay someone to cook my meals. I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself but sometimes I would like a brake!
  • Installing a new microwave/hood fan range. It's not hard to do, but I'd rather pay for someone to do it, and know that it's going to be done correctly.
  • clean out my car and detail it when it cold out! in the winter my car gets so cluttered because i cant stand cleaning it in the winter! i would totally pay someone to come do it for me! lol
  • My toenails. Yes, I am perfectly capable of wrenching myself down to snip at my toenails to get them shorter; I inevitably end with sharp corners, extra skin that I'd make myself bleed if I tried to remove, etc. It seems like such a frivolity to go get a pedicure, but goodness I love them so. Of course me being a broke student it happens far more rarely than I'd like...
  • Buying fast food. I don't like to waste too much of my money on fast food, so I like to save it if someone else is willing to pay.
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