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There's a lot of nostalgia around old franchises coming back right now. Movies, TV shows, even action figures! What's something from your childhood that you wish would come back? Why?

(This question will remain in place for a few days while Writer's Block is re-launched -- we'll have new questions each weekday starting on Monday!)

Answers (79)

  • Well, not many things come to mind, especially since a lot of things I like, such as comic books, video games are coming out, some are even being remade as we speak. It ould be nice if the old XONOX franchise games came out. Maybe technology can make them great. Who knows. It's good to have at least ONE good memory that keeps you inspired and going forward.
  • "The Golden Girls",because I get it now...
  • The question reads like the start of a Monkey's Paw curse set-up. :) I don't know the answer offhand, though.
  • This came back at the wrong time... It interfers with NaNoWriMo! I'll have to save all the questions for December. Personally, I'd like to see a return to personal responsibility and book reading.
  • Privacy and anonymity. A stable job market. Expanding social services. Non-CGI special effects.
  • Spaceship toys based on spaceships that could actually work.
  • Welcome back, Writer's Block. I keep saying this, but A 'Northern Exposure' reboot wouldn't go amiss.
  • I would hazard to say that a lot of the things I liked as a child and wanted to come back already have done. I guess I would like them to make Wagon Wheels the original size. Maybe a relaunch of the Target Doctor Who Novelisations to include the new series.
  • Well, I gues the patchwork family is one. AS far as other kids shows, Maybe the muppet show. There was one that had two women singing with a guitar behind a picket fence, but can't remember the name of it. Fast food. Jack in the box with their logo from 1980, since it always brought a smile to my face when I saw it.
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