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Goblin for a day, or: Improvised Parenting!!?!

Let's say you're a hobgoblin for 24 hours. What sort of havoc would you wreak? Or: If a baby of unknown origins suddenly fell into your care, would you keep it? What would you name it?

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  • I would keep the baby and if it was a girl, her name would be Annabelle Melody and if it was a boy his name would be Hunter Patrick
  • In answer to the question "if a baby of unknown origins suddenly fell into your care, would you keep it? What would you name it?" the answer is a resounding "HELL NO I wouldn't keep it!" I HAVE a life!"
  • I would so keep it. That kind of stuff never happens to the right people. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 5 years now and we would love for that to happen to us. But it seems like for people like us that kind of lucky stuff never happens.

  • There would be no doubt I would keep her. I would ever name her Julie Maree or Chantilly Serenity after my original story characters. I would love her with all my heart and show her the magic of God, music and stories. How important family and friends are, even if they are not blood related. If she wanted I would help her learn where she was from.
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  • Wow. LJ comes up with some pretty fucked-up questions. I have never thought about what sort of tomfoolery I'd wreak if I were a hobgoblin -- perhaps find all the customers that have pissed me off at work and slash their tires, release their dogs, smear poo on their windows and other such acts of vandalism out of spite. Or steal all the shit I can whilst being invisible and stash all my goods in a hidey-hole. Maybe both. They sound like fun. (That would be a lot of people who pissed me off at work...) As for the baby! Holy shit, first, I'd panic. There are so many things to consider, like, IS IT HUMAN? Does it supernatural powers? Will it turn on me and eat me once it gets old enough and its nature tells it so? Buuut, let's say that it's just an ordinary human baby. Then yes, I'd keep it. (But wouldn't someone have, I don't know, lost a baby at one point, then?) Just as long as I don't get arrested for baby-napping or something. If it's a boy, I'd name it Rozen. If a girl, Nona or Lydia. (Preferrably Nona, since I wouldn't want to give my baby the name Lydia while my grandmother is still alive, haha. That might get confusing.) --- On a side note, may I ask WHY DOES DANIEL RADCLIFFE HAS A NUDE SCENE IN THE SEVENTH MOVIE?? @_x;; When did HP become a porno? Not that I'm complaining... Seriously, that boy is way too eager to take his clothes off in front of the camera. Exhibitionist, much?
  • I'll take the hobgoblin answer. And I would go around capturing and eating all the unknown babies that are suddenly falling from the sky...
  •  I would... find it a home.
  • well i woudl keep it, well if it was after i moved out, im just way to much of a maternal person. i couldnt leave a baby out in the world alone. ever ever. what would i name him/her....not sure i guess i would have to see the baby before i chose a name. see this child person ality i mean i do have names swiming around my head for when i get older and have kids of my own, but i still would want to know what this tiny person would look like before i named them.  but here are the names i love. 
    Crystin Ann
    yes, i am sixteen, and have a few years untill i have to worry about these things, but i have always loved these names. crystin is welish for christene, and Ann is my grandmothers middle name. bryan, well that name i have loved since i was alittle, like a tiny little child. and charlote i love, i could call her charlie. and i love that.
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