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Fixing the past, Or: The Only True Question

If you could go back and fix your most regrettable decision, what would it be, and what would you do differently? Or: Pirates or Ninjas?

Answers (228)

  • To prevent some injuries that I had that affected my life, as well as trying not to move to Chicago, so I would have a different life someplace else.
  • There would be quite a few things, all of which aren't worth mentioning in here, such as moving to Illinois, or meeting people I sorely wish I hadn't, and tried to remain more into my art, or if I had known of ways I could've gotten artistic things done, I would've done them a certain way sooner.
  • If I could go back, the thing I’d fix is my marriage. I would’ve married Sean Keffer if I’d even met him first. If I’d met Sean first, I would’ve completely avoided the horror that was the end of a marriage that seemed to begin beautifully—then turn sour when I hadn’t even anticipated anything to go backwards. If I’d married Sean first, I would’ve been unconditionally loved—without a single thought in his mind. I would’ve been helped in any way possible that I needed it. I would’ve been helped, rather than him sitting back and watching me struggle through attempting to do so many physical things—wearing myself out, and being “laughed at”. Another thing I’d definitely change, if possible, I would’ve moved to Deer Path from Champaign’s Eden Supportive Living here to Deer Path if someone had known immediately that this place existed. Sean and I would’ve had a chance to begin our time together a few years earlier, rather than me having to suffer the way I did first.

  • Pirates! Maybe it's because of my background that I would choose pirates....

    I wouldn't have wasted much of my hard-earned money on stupid things...

  • ninjas ninjas

    if i could go back and fix a decision i wouldn't because i learned from my mistakes, sure i might have been hurt by my decision, but it tought me a lot and i would not want to change that.


    I don't want to talk about my regrets, so yeah.

  • Ninjas!! pirates are just like "Arggg, mighty!" and charge at you with gold teeth, a beard, and a knife in hand. Ninjas are mysterious and blend like shadows into the night sky. they're more sophisicated.
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