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Writer's Block


What's your nickname, and how did you get it?

Answers (226)

  • Blaze because of my temper
  •  Most of the people I know would call me diding or ding for short. From my grandmother's n-name too dading:).  But I also have other nicknames, not n-name but n-names: pikot, nez, nyc, nize, nice, nicey...etc whatever they want to call me. Provided it is not a foul n-name, then it is accepted. 

  • Saw this from meow-chi's journal entries.

    My usual nickname is Miharu. I got it from rumandmonkey.com for generating "Miharu Saruwatari" as my Japanese Name... My other nicknames are May, Bie, Ruby, Ray and spicedSnow... ^w^ The spicedSnow part started in deviantArt. I really wanted to stalk Jin's cosplay photos. I wanted to use my usual 'Miharu' nickname but it was already taken. I dunno what had taken over me when I registered this name. Good thing, I like spices. XDD  ohh... The my craky self's coming back... XDD Buh bye... Till next post~!!

    ps: I'm soooo sorry for spamming for today (well, I dunt know if this is spamming). I woke up on my craky bed side... XDD

  • I has had many. When at school is was little mouse at primary and cheeky in high school. My family calls me Jess mostly, through if I am down or sick mum will call me pumpkin and my brother will sometimes call me Jessy. My best friends Sarah and Cammy calls me Meow, Kitty and Kiddo which I just love them calling me because I love meows.
  • Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • Zog - Came from Babylon 5, and the fact that I use that one online Lamoni - Also the name of my nation on Nationstates, that is what i'm known by there Shorty - An ironic nickname from my mother, who is shorter than I am Troubler of Isreal II - A nickname that I got from a friend who's been dead for some years now Sir Speed - This is the nickname given me by Aaron House That is pretty much all of them, unless you count the shortened form of my first name.
  • There's not too much of a story to my nickname. =P  At the beginning of Senior year, before Sweet Charisma began, I was looking up Thai and Korean and I was like, Hey! Why don't I get all our (the then Fearsome Four) names translated, but all you ever get that was is cognates.

    I hate cognates.  It's basically just a really crappy pronounciation of your own name written crazy.

    So I was like, Hold on.  If I know the meaning of my name, I can find a korean name with a similar meaning, ne?

    So my real name, Aubrey, is old french for 'noble elf.'
    Well I couldn't find any names that had elf in there, so the closest I got was Grace and Noble. (Hey, elves are graceful, right?)

    So I ended up with Haejung, I told Rise Up, and eventually the name stuck, and when Sweet Charisma was formed, we decided that Haejung could be my stage name.

    I'm sorry my story isn't very interesting. ^^

    <3 Haejung out!
  •  Nickname? I have various nicknames.
    I don't have very exciting ones, actually.
    There just all based on my name, or last name, or both.
    That's just..Boring. Urgh. I need to get a new one that's exciting.
    Who wants to help me? ;)
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