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Pick an era, any era

If you had to pick a time period to live in, which would you choose? Why?

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  • Maybe the 80's. I was a little kid, and I could enjoy life more. I remember saying when I wanted to be five, some moron told me: "Hey, why would you want to be five? You can't drink beers or anything." I was like, as I told one girl in California: "Ew, beer sucks! I had like one sip of beer in my entire life and I spit it out. I couldn't stand it." Which hangs to this day.
  • 70's or 80's. Why? Because times were simpler for me back then. Not having to think about things like I do now, and not having to think about regretting things. Start fresh and see where my life would go. I would be a little kid, and not wondering about a future.
  • Time is a funny thing. I'm trying to learn what it means to forget the past, live fully in the "here and now", and live in the great hope of "things that are yet to come"... ALL AT THE SAME TIME! "Faith in God includes faith in His time." - Claudio FreidzonPhotobucket
  • Prolly the Sixties or Seventies, when John Lennon was alive along with Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. I know that they didn't have the Internet then, but it was crazy times anyway; flowers, guitars and blunts just rained from the sky. And I would have been alive when the Transformers was aired...
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  • Strangely, I think about this question from time to time and I still don't have a definate answer because so many eras were interesting in many regards. I think I would've like to live in the Victorian era but as I am now: a strong-minded, and willful female and try to get more rights to womankind and try not to get shock treatments in the process.
  • The Victorian age because usually my friends tell me I look like I belong there because of my long neck suited for lacy clothes, classic face and sexy ( well to victorian men I mean) curvy figure. Plus... THEY HAVE AMAZING CLOTHES!!! AND SHOES!!! Sadly they have limited make-up.
  • It's been a while since I've posted anything, partly because of an irrational avoidance of writing anything at all, but it's been more than a month since I've produced anything at all for my journal. So I picked one of the writer's block suggestions, and really old one too, from like the end of April. I picked this one not so much for any answer I could give, but for what others have said. Virtually every answer that picked a time period, betrayed only a romantic conception of the time period, and particularly popular destinations were the late 1960s, the Victorian period, the Middle Ages and a few truly strange picks. Those who picked the 1960s, like this fellow, seem to have done it out of idealism, looking at the period very favorably, ignoring the terrible burnout that followed in the 1970s. Of course their choice is somewhat understandable as we live in a society run by the baby boomers, who sometimes seem completely incapable of getting over their own youth, and continually transfer this through the media to younger generations. The Victorian period has been a very popular as of late, and I'm not entirely sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with the goth subculture and the steampunk aesthetic. Most of the time people justified their pick by appealing to Victorian fashion and the preconception that it was a more polite time, often pointing to how women were treated like precious flowers (no it wasn't patronizing at all, it was just common decency). Also no one seemed interested in living the life of the common person in the working class. Somewhat unsurprisingly, no one wanted to be a Medieval peasant either. Of course all of this is not really shocking. The public perception of the past has always been riddled with nostalgia, more content to see history as they wish (the 30s as a time of innocence?) it, rather than how it was. That's the tricky thing about memory, it slowly changes the past on you. However a common theme can be gleaned from these replies, that many, many people desire a time when life was supposedly more "simple" and more "wholesome", implicitly or explicitly expressing our own age of high modernity as "too fast", often mixed with a fear of the future. Looking at the actual history, I don't think there ever was a time when being a human was any simpler, let alone more moral. After reading this, I suppose it comes as no surprise which time period I picked - the present day. I don't think the human race has ever had it so good. People live longer, are better educated and better fed, and there has been sustainable peace for more than 60 years, with no end in the near future. Thanks to the forces of global capitalism, we have seen unprecedented economic and technological growth that is reaching into the poorest places on Earth. Even with pressing problems, like climate change, our future looks very bright.
  • I think very early 20th century or late 19th. I would love to meet my Great Aunties and my Grandparents before then even knew me. I have a sneaking suspicion they were very cool and I am going through a Swing phase in my own life and it makes me feel close to them.
  • If I had to pick I would live in the middle ages. (if I was a guy) if I was a girl be born in the 80's so I would be older when Nsync was popular!!!
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