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Remembering mom

What's your favorite memory of your mother?

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  • the food!
  •  Sitting at the kitchen table, she's in the kitchen. The Price is Right is on the tv. (Does anybody still have a tv on a wheeled cart so they can move it from the family room to the dining room anymore?) I'm eating lunch. Probably getting ready for kindergarten, but I don't remember that part. Sometimes the tv is off and the radio is playing "Afternoon Delight" which is a song I completely didn't understand at the time and now I associate with orange slices.  But it's sunny, and I'm happy. I like to play a game with Mom to see if she can guess whether or not I really took a drink of my milk. I like to get my little brother all wound up by singing "Yummy in my tummy" a million times. Not a special event, just a special feeling of security.
  • My favourite memory of my mother must be the time I got home from school and she jumped out at me to scare me, that's is the last memory I can remember because it was the day before the unfortunate incident that I don't like to think about. Everybody was happy and jolly that day and we all laughed at anything. just us as a family for the last time.
  •  Have so much to remember about my mom, considering she's still alive, but I think the coolest thing we've done in the last year or so was get Sex and the City (the series) on DVD and just stayed up for two days, watching all the episodes, back to back to back...

    It was right after my husband and I found out that we had been declined getting our home loan, so we were in between homes, trying to find a place for us to live.  My parents have always been a big source of help for our family.  I cannot thank them enough.

    I love you guys indefinetly.

    P.S.  Mom and I are going to see the "SATC" movie sometime today.  I can't wait!!
  • When I was probably 5 or 6, I had this pageant and my mom couldn't find anything nice in Indiana, that's where we lived at the time, so my mom actually packed a bag for us, and drove to Chicago. We spent the whole weekend there looking in the shops until my mom found the perfect dress. That was the first time I'd stayed in a hotel, and the first time my mom and I went on a trip together.

    I picked this because my mother and I have a past. We clashed a lot, and I still haven't spoken to her. It's been 5 years now since I last saw her. I never disliked my mother though. She did what she thought was best for me. I know she was living through me, but she honestly thought that I would be greatful for how much she pushed me one day. Most people think that I don't want to talk to my mom anymore, and that's why I haven't contacted her. I do. I miss my family, but I guess I just feel like it would be too hard to face them now. I don't want to have to tell her where I've been and what I've gone through. I don't want her, or my father to feel guilty or ashamed. And then I don't want to face my sister, Lela. I know she hates me now. She's written me a few times in secret. She always seems so bitter. She's going to be transferring to a college in the north east in the fall. She never said she wanted to see me, but it'll be weird being so close and not seeing each other.
  •  Um... my mother is still alive... so.. yeah. My mom has always been there for me and she has given me helpful advice.

  •  My 18th birthday.

  •  I can't pick just one my fav. memory of my mom.  You see my mom is my best friend.  She has been there for me through thick and thin.  It seems that no matter what, she is always there for me.  Mom and I have been on many road trips with her that have been great.  The latest was going to the mountains in Virginia.  Mom loves the mountains, so eventhough we were both in pain, she was happy and smiling.  Mom also loves going to concerts like myself, so there have been so many great times at concerts, on the way to them, and even driving home.  On Mothers Day I gave her a picture collage that she loved, and even teared up looking at it.  It felt great knowing that she loved a present I gave her.  So there is no one memory, anytime I am with her, we have a great time!!!!
  • what`s the best memory about your mom?

    My mother as she is, in our tough times, in the times when i made it so hard for her to stand another day, it is my best memory for it to be the time when i realize of the amazing unconditional love she was willing to share with me, the time when i discovered her huge heart hidden behind her complaints.

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