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It's Too Late to Apologize

Has anyone ever done something so horrible to you that "I'm sorry" couldn't fix it?

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  • umm.. k to the last person.. little weird. but i wont judge.. sorry about yuor luck dude.
  • A few months after this question was posed, yes, someone did something that can never be fixed.

    Ever. In any way.

  •  Once, when i was 12 i had met a boy he was a geinus like me we became close friends but he constantly asked me about why i ate choclate so much i told cause i liked choclate alot. Of course we both got in to conpeting against each other so we were still friends but rivals. Near was always trying to do something to lower my guard he once saw me hiding something i had buried it. He unearthed it one night and came to my house crying. He knocked on my door with the thing i buried in his hand. He gave it to me saying sorry many times i cluched my hand  and  i slapped him and said " So u were willing to sink this low and take this." it was a photo of a friend who i once held so dear and they died . He just standed there and he said"i didn't know."  of course i let him in to my house since it started to rain. just the two of us both crying for diffrent reasons one out of sorrow the other out of rage. of course i told near about a girl i knew we were the closest of friendsbefore i met near she was the only person i ever felt anything for i protected her and always helped her till she fell in a coma she died of heart faliure and before she did give she told me" don't worry from now on i promise to be ur gaurdian angel...." i never felt the world with my same look of happiness i once did i had turned my back on the world and its comforting happiness i could only see the blackness it offered. all near did was say "hey how about we get some choclate tomorrow my treat." i smiled back and said" ur on .....Oh i forgot can ayarashi come she loves choclate i remeber that she does maybe she can get to know u better......" =3
  • the worst part is, neither of them have apologized. sad, i know. and i haven't even told you the story. haha.

    really, i know that i'm overreacting a little bit, but i honestly don't care. it seems like no one understands how i feel. i'm sorry, but my ex and my best friend dating, is not what i wanted. i really didn't expect her to do this to me. him, yeah i could see it happening, a little bit expected actually. i thought more of her i guess, i thought that she actually cared. i think i've given her too much credit. i really want to smack someone, but in a way, i just want to forget about it. i can't wait to leave in june. and then in august, for good. i really want to start new, i think it will help me. oh well, maybe in time i'll forgive them. but i'm just not ready for that yet.

  • but, of course. the one everyone knows of is the betrayal of a certain west boca resident who is ironically named after a catholic saint, but is jewish. then there's my mother. sorry just can't make up for or fix all the shit she's messed up.

  •  YES!!!

  • It came to a head at the end of seventh grade, but it had been slowly building up to it. All the little things that happened led to the disaster that shaped my future. Maybe I seem a little dramatic about all of this, but it hurt. It hurt a lot. They hurt me, and I will never forgive them. Jessica Tibbles and Gwen Wilkinson could beg for forgiveness on their knees, grovel at my feet, and supplicate to my kinder side, but I will still refuse to grant them forgiveness.

    We had been friends for almost three years, since fifth grade. But in the beginning of seventh grade, my best friend from kindergarten, Gwen Wilkinson, was in our class. I introduced the two of them, and we all started hanging out together. It was fun. We got along well, and our teachers sat us next to each other because we actually did work instead of just talking. Of course, being friends longer, Jessy and I were much closer and Gwen was kind of the third wheel. We didn't leave her out or anything, we were just closer to each other.
    But as we got into the second marking period, the dynamics in our group started changing drastically. I started being pushed away from Jessy by Gwen. She was taking my place, slowly but surely. By the third marking period, I was at third wheel. And it wasn't like it was with Gwen either. I was a third wheel in the true sense of things. Instead of our classmates saying "Jessy and Jill" they stated saying "Jessy and Gwen." For most people, the drifting away wouldn't be a big deal. But for me it was. I sucked at making friends. Jessy was my only true friend. Best friends forever. If only I had known how long forever was to her. Gwen took everything I liked. I told Jessy I liked Shane, she told Gwen. Next day I find out Gwen likes Shane. Gwen says she liked him first, but that was impossible. I liked him since fifth grade, and Gwen had only come into the school in sixth grade. Excuse me if my calculations are wrong, but I do believe that three years is longer than a week.

    I'm going to end here for today because I'm tired, but there is more to this story. A lot more.

  • Yes! after the relationship i was in had suddenly and for no known reason ended after seven months, i had been reciving bunches of text saying horrible things from my ex and his best friend. and i didnt deserve to be called a whore, or a bitch or a cunt, or a cutter to name afew. he said i deserved it and that he had a right to say those things and many more cuz he had a few and was pissed off.he said he didnt mean it after my best friend bucked on him but you dont say somthing to someone if you had never thought about it before or didnt think it was true.
    i told him i forgave him cuz thats what you do when your a christian cuz thats what the bible says eventhough its hard to.

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