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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

What is one thing you MUST do before you go to bed at night?

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  • Walk! No matter how late (or early ^.^") it is when i get to bed i must have spent about 2 hours walking while listening to my ipod beforehand. It is something i got into the habbit of doing after i had excess energy due to a hike i went on 4years ago and ever since it has become a habbit i have never been able to lose.
  • it's not a must but i have been saying
    "goodnght" to my mom && dad every
    night since the accident. i am just terrified
    of losing one of them:'( 

  • Perferablly read. But I guess I could not read as long as I get to pet my kitty, Penelope Morgan. I am bad at going to sleep though....last night i tried to at 11 but i read and finished my book and it was 12, so I tried to sleep could got up goofed off on interwebz then tried again...ugh i neeed sleeping pills i swear!
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  •  brush of course, pray if i didn't pray ,no way i'd sleep missing a prayer. i can't sleep if my room is a TOTAL mess, a bit messy is ok.
  • Honestly, if i don't write down all my thoughts before i sleep i will wake up screaming, sweating, kicking, and sometimes cussing. i'm not sure why, but if i go to bed thinking about what problems are going on in my life currently, especially the unsolved ones, i'll have terrible dream. i'm not sure if it's some sort of disorder but writing solves it.
  • JRock music was played at my ears and in no time i'll go to sleep.

  •  I pray!!!!

  • Lately, the one thing i absolutely have to do before I go to sleep is call Tyler:)
    He claims that he loves me, and I'm pretty sure I love him too.
    Most boyfriends I've had have done things to try to impress me,
    or acted like a child when it came to dating.
    At first, I wasn't so sure about Tyler.
    That's why it took me seven months to finally go out with him!
    When I don't talk to him before I go to sleep, I feel so alone,
    and almost sick to my stomach.
    I love Jeffrey Tyler Stowe more than you know:D
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