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Soy Burgers Again?

If you ate school lunches as a kid, what menu item did you most dread seeing on the week's menu list? Or, if you more often brought a lunch from home, what did you hope wasn't inside your lunchbox or bag when you opened it up? What made this item so revolting for you?

Answers (31)

  • Hamburgers... I mean, I can eat them. I just don't like them.
  • Peas. To this day, I cannot even bear to smell them, let alone eat them, because of school lunches. I got sick after eating them one day (after the school enforced a stupid rule of "you must take a bite of everything off your tray"), and I haven't touched them since.
  • Turkey Roll-Up. You don't wanna know what one of these abominations are, and to tell you the truth I don't even think I know, but they're disgusting tasting.
  • wee,i would not wanna see breadmin my lunch box.my maid makes the same old bread everyday.and i get bored eating it so ill shout at her      
  • I shudder to remember. It was a hideous sort of faux pizza on English muffins. They were disgusting, and if I'd known when they were to be served, I'd have skipped school; why take a lunch when you're not going to be there?
  • Regular milk. Whenever they'd run out of chocolate milk.
  • I always bought my lunch at school, and to be honest, they were pretty good for the most part. I loved a lot of the things they served, and I actually had to think for a minute about anything I absolutely dreaded. But then I remembered. The school I went to for first through fifth grades served the absolutely worst macaroni and cheese. It didn't even look like macaroni and cheese. It was orange, and not just any orange; it was seriously neon fucking orange. No food should be that color. Not to mention, the cheese was always lumpy and congealed. Just looking at it disgusted me, but that wasn't the worst part. It honestly tasted like someone had put dirty socks in with the macaroni or something. Or maybe the cheese they used was spoiled. That would certainly explain a lot. But what could you do if you were hungry? It was sometimes what they served, and I remember choking it down so many times. It was really surprising to me too, because that school had a cook that made everything homemade. They never served anything that was prepackaged (except for the canned fruits and vegetables), and everything else was really good. In particular, I remember really loving their chili, but I can't think of anything else they served that I outright hated. What in god's name they did with the macaroni and cheese before we got it is anyone's guess. I went to a different school for sixth grade, and they had the best idea ever - two different options for lunch. I couldn't believe it when I started there; the first thing they did in the morning was read the menu and take a poll to see how many students wanted each option. That was unheard of for me, and I never had to eat something I hated again because they only put one thing in front of you.
  • burgers were the dreaded item for me. The meat was green and the rumor was it was horse meat. I can still taste them if i think about it, horrible little hockey pucks.
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