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Describe your ideal type of guy or gal -- what attracts you most when you first meet someone?

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  • Well, the ideal woman is kind of hard to find, since there have to be a lot of qualities, but what attracts me the most is the chemistry. Good chemistry can be vital. Bad, no thanks. I have to like the person. Idea, person? No drama queen, single mom, or woman that is either bitchy or desperate. Also, one that doesn't feel entitled, because she has breasts, a birth canal and clitoris. Someone who is down to earth is more ideal. Also, someone who isn't jealous or possessive. I ran into that on a few ocassions.
  • Ideal woman? Someone who isn't a drama queen, also someone who isn't jealous, petty and possessive, and lets a man be a man, as in doesn't try to change him, but rather see what they can do in order to appreciate and embrace who he is. Also, a girl who is a demon in the sack, and willing to make videos, and lets me go for people on the side would be a plus. I'm not a conservative, and I don't want one who is either. :)
  • as in physically attractive? or his overall behavior? hum.. let's do all. i've always liked guys with glasses. that attracts me the most. i find eyes are the one i always look first in someone. :P and glasses add 100084634563 points. also lips and good height. not too tall for me nor too short. AND CLEAN SHAVED FACE. this is very important. i dont like my man scruffy. a smart guy attracts me. doesnt have to be always academically brilliant, but smart in general. You can tell when a guy is really smart or not, no? ;) and if at that first meeting he unintentionally mentioned/talked about my fav. things (or even like them as well).. YOU GOT ME, DUDE.

  • His sense of humour.

    Or his hair...
  • Appearance is an important factor for me in what I find attractive about a woman; and I have a standard hierarchy list of items that I instinctively look for and (often subconsciously) grade when observing the women that I meet or interact with on a daily basis. The first thing that I look at is a woman's HAIR:
    1. Is it clean and actually styled?
    2. Length: I prefer a woman's hair to be either very short or very long. In between hairstyles just don't grab my attention, unless it is a blunt cut bobbed haircut.
    3. Color: Vibrant and lively red hair is my all time favorite. Dark, rich, brunettes come in a close second. Blondes rarely impress me, but it does happen from time to time.
    4. Bangs or No Bangs: Bangs are a tricky subject. They can either make, or break a hairstyle. I love thick, heavy bangs on shorter hairstyles... while on most long hairstyles, I prefer to see the fringe that hangs down just as long as the rest of her hair, or pulled back to show a sexy face and forehead. I love when a woman styles her hair over to one side and lets her long bangs partially cover one side of her face as they curl down past her eyes and cheeks. (example: ala 40's pin up vixen, or Jessica Rabbit). And if a lady has long thick, straight hair; a short, heavy, bang can really accentuate the face as the rest of the hair hangs around her or is pulled back into a smooth tight ponytail.
    5. Thickness and Shine. I love clean cut edges on a woman's hairstyle. So many of today's longer styles have way too much razoring, thinning, or texturizing done to them; and it leaves the hair looking thin, damaged, dull, broken and lifeless. Smooth, thick, hair looks like shimmering silk; and invites attention and adoration.
    The second thing I look at is body type and shape:
    1. I prefer plus size ladies. Without curves, there's no need in letting the eyes go for a ride.
    2. A lot of guys like plenty of tits and ass. I do too, but for me it's just as important that there's a nice soft belly to add to the curvy allure.
    3. I also adore creamy, smooth, unblemished, light skin. No tan lines, and preferably... simply no tan. There's no need to lake and bake, a woman's normal skin tones are plenty sexy to me. I've fond that most BBW's don't like being out in the sun all that much, so this is usually not an issue.
    Style and makeup:
    1. I prefer when women to dress like women. I understand that most of the time it just makes plain sense to go out in jeans and t-shirts, or even sweats in cooler weather, etc... That's fine for just running errands, or heading out to the grocery store. But when you're going out to eat, a shopping trip, or an evening with your family or hubby... a nice blouse with the jeans or slacks, a skirt, or occasionally even a dress, goes a long way to impress me.
    2. I prefer a woman who wears at least the bare basics of makeup anytime she leaves the house. I'm not sure when it started becoming a trend to leave the house without makeup, but even the "Natural" look that was so popular in the early to mid 2000's required makeup in more subtle or neutral tones. In my opinion, a lady leaving the house with no make up at all, is like she's leaving the house half naked. I'm not saying that every trip out of the house should be an affair to go to the nines, and have a completely done makeover style makeup (ie: foundation, blush, eye shadow, liner, and lipstick). It's not like you're headed to a photo shoot, or formal dinner... but I think its not unrealistic to think that a woman should leave the house with at least some lipstick or lip gloss on her lips, and maybe a hint of color on her cheeks. Even just the lips can make the look work. NOTE: Even most dermatologists tell women that wearing makeup is actually good for their skin's health. Many foundations today include an SPF factor, and guard the skin from pollutants, drying out, and skin damage. Lip gloss or lipstick moisten or protest the lips in addition to giving them an alluring look. And a daily cleansing routine to wash your face at the end of the day is the number one recommended course of action for women who experience any form of adult acne.
  • She looks like the chick that sings for Astarte and she likes to be tied up.
  • Someone who's willing to accept me for who I am and not what I am Eyes Smile Scars
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