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What online computer game or gaming system game are you most addicted to right now? What makes it so playable?

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  • right now, I would say the motherload game.
  • Whatever I feel like playing. It also depends on the game. :)
  • it varies, but right now, me xbox360. I prefer offline, but online, when I can, the game "motherload", or if I go onto free online games, I find something to play. :)
  • Left 4 Dead (1 and 2). I loveses them so much.
  • Right now, Speed Rose. I have been a fan of Rose Online ever since it debuted here in my place. Unfortunately, the game was discontinued. On the bright side, several private servers were created. I used to play in iRosePH until college came and I had to move away. I bought my laptop but the game cannot be played in it and I can only use our desktop computer so much. And so I decided to quit. But just this week, I found about sRose, and its version of the game can be used in both my sister and I's laptop. So yes, I'm addicted to it right now.

    In a month or so, Torchlight 2 will be released. Another addiction coming this way. :>
  • vindictus
  • "Gaming system game"? That's a bit awkward, Writer's Block person. Anyway, I have to say The Sims 3, which I've played as recently as yesterday. It's getting a bit tedious at this point, but I'll bet if I started playing again I would do so for several hours. I'm also playing Final Fantasy III on the DS, but I've found the caves I had to explore recently to be more irritating than fun. I now have the key to the Kingdom of Eureka, so I'll have to see how that works out, but I'm not sure when I'll do so. I tend to play console games more when I don't have computer access. Finally, I've started on Golden Sun for the Game Boy Advance, and will probably write about my early impressions this week. My obsessive-compulsive mind has had a bit of difficulty figuring out when to write about games (i.e., how much should I have finished before writing?), but I'm currently favoring an entry on my first impressions and then a later one when I've either completed the game or gotten as far as I can. Since I play mostly role-playing games, they tend to be a bit on the long side. Today is L. Frank Baum's birthday, and if you look here, you can find a podcast of Baum's short story "The Littlest Giant," in which I do the voice of the Giant King Goola. I have a pretty high voice, not all that appropriate for a giant, but Jared lowered my part and added echo, so it sounds a lot better than I would on the fly. And if you're interested in stuff I've done (and I hope you are), I also contributed to the 2012 issue of Oziana. I had a dream I was back in second grade, with my original second-grade teacher. There was some quiz on several subjects, including the Smurfs. I was doing pretty well on it, but didn't have enough time. The dream unraveled when I realized the premise made no sense. So why second grade? I don't know. In some ways, that was the last time I felt I fit in with my classmates. I'm not sure I totally did, but I least I was comfortable with them. It was also the last year I really had a birthday party. So I guess there's a bit of nostalgia there. Not that I have any desire to be a child again, but I do want to recapture the best parts of my childhood. Another dream had Amanda Palmer calming me down when I accidentally wore mismatched socks to work, which kind of sounds more like an after-school special than a dream.
  • Minecraft. I love the creativity of the game and how difficult it can be at times.

  • There's not really any game I can think of right now...
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