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Suits or Shorts

Do the clothes you wear to work or school reflect your personality, or are they a 'costume' to fit into the image of who your boss/colleagues/teachers expect you to be? What would you wear instead of 'the status quo' if it were up to you?

Answers (48)

  • I would say, I am not a slave to fashion, or what society expects me to be.
  • I feel like I generally wore what I felt like wearing. I'm not sure if clothing can speak on behalf of my personality though... I LOVE sweats and teeshirts, I wear them often =]
  • They definitely reflect my personality. The dress code at work is very casual, and we're allowed to wear jeans and t-shirts. That is very much how I normally dress, so I don't even think twice about what to throw on for work. One of the reasons I love my job so much, because I hate dressing up! In a perfect world, every place I ever work would be just as casual.
  • Well, I used to be able to wear jeans & tee shirts to work every day and that fit my laid back personality rather well I think. With the department transfer, I’m now stuck wearing collared shirts (i.e. polos) every day and I kinda hate it. I try to feel like myself with my choices, but it is a complete stretch and most times it is an epic fail. It is a facade and I don’t care much for it. In a perfect world, I would be able to wear shorts and tee shirts to work every day as well as no shoes. I hate shoes. In this perfect world I don’t work in an office and work somewhere where I can either work outdoors (say a garden or a beach) or I can cook for peeps.
  • At school we have to follow a standard uniform set that everyone is expected to follow, however I twist the style a little by busying up my hair, grabbing myself a tie, and clearly standing out but looking stylish at the same time :P
  • Hm, I wear what's practical. I work part-time in food service so I can't wear jeans, but I'm not going to wear my new slacks. It's all right. We do keep it fun, wear bow-ties on birthdays, all red on fridays, etc.
  • I wear what I can find for cheap that I don't hate. It has nothing to do with the status quo, it has to do with not being able to either afford or fit into stuff I really like. When the planets align, sometimes I can find something I really like, cheaply, that fits me, and those are joyous occasions with much revelry and sacrificial offerings.
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