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If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why? Is there any change you've made in the past that you now wish you hadn't?

Answers (51)

  • Why change myself if I like who I am. Other people don't like it? Phooey on them.
  • I don't need to change myself. People should be comfortable with who they are.
  • I would like to change my lifestyle, in many different ways. Because I would be a healthier person and have a smaller carbon footprint. I can't really think of any changes I've made that I wish I hadn't.
  • I'm still trying to become more assertive. I guess I can be a bit of a doormat. I've always struggled with saying "no" but I've gotten better at it over the years. There have been a few people who have taken advantage of my reluctance to let them down but I'm not even in contact with them anymore so I guess things sort of worked itself out on that front. I don't like to make other people upset or uncomfortable. So usually my soft side tends to overrule any thoughts of personal inconvenience by a possible action. Having said that though, I can be assertive when it really counts and I guess that's how I'm managed to make it this far. I'm quite proud of the fact that I can say "no" to things I really disagree with. Over the past few years I've developed my voice and have stood up to people who I know are doing wrong. I try hard to refuse to be pressured into doing things I know are wrong or will cause some sort of harm either to myself or others. I just wish I could apply this to the more common and smaller occurrences in life, like when people keep asking for favours from me when it's actually really inconvenient. My aim is to try and stop my habit of ALWAYS dropping everything I'm doing for someone else and maybe try working something out with them that benefits BOTH of us instead of just saying "sure!" every single time. I trip up whenever I start feeling guilty about not doing something for someone. Just over a year ago, someone I really liked played on my sense of guilt and they were able to take advantage of me that way and I regret it so much. There aren't any changes I've made in the past that I regret. People say I haven't changed too much over the years and I guess I sort of agree with them.
  • I don't know what I would change, the things I want to change I am already working to change. I would say that I would change having CF, but, even that I'm not sure I'd change, there's pluses and minuses to having this disease, but I don't think I'd know how to live without it. Life would be totally different not having to deal with that all the time. I don't think I'd know what to do with all the free time. Change is a huge thing for anyone, if you want to change something about yourself then change it. Don't imagine what life would be like if something was different, if it is something that can be changed, then take action. I've never felt better about my life, and myself and how things are going for me. And it's all because I started taking action and changing the things that I didn't like about myself.
  • I wish I could stop being afraid of acting like a jerk simply to defend myself when someone is acting like a jerk to me. Defending yourself when someone is being blatantly and absurdly rude is not unreasonable.
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