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Happy Friday

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

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  • The biggest thing to look forward to is having my mom come tomorrow. I need to have her re-hang my Cubs sign. Although it’s supposed to rain, she’s taking me and my awesome boyfriend to the mall for shopping and out to eat for lunch. We always look forward to spending time with Mom. I can most definitely tell she loves Sean more than my ex because he’s always there to help me out whenever I need it.
  • I am looking forward to the weekend, because I have an intense desire to see the ocean.  I plan to take a lovely drive along the coast, and stop at a beach near Half Moon Bay and take a LONG walk.  I also can't wait to spend time with my husband David, and hopefully watch him surf some waves. The weather is suppose to bre gorgeous (60's) and the days are longer.  So I am looking forward to spending quality time under the sun. Saturday is going to be a day filled with celebration of an upcoming wedding.  I have to shop for Jesuscita's bridal honeymoon gear!  This is going to be fun!
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  • Oooh... a good one. :D
    It's already the weekend but what I'm looking forward to for tomorrow (memorial day) is the pool again (hopefully).
    It's also sort of like a celebration! so I'm looking forward to that as well. Wow, great question. I think I'll answer this every Friday. :D
  • well... I was working saturday, so my weekend consists of sunday (today) and monday. And i've got an appointment at the hair salon tomorrow! Damn, looking forward to that. Been stuck in a rut lately, and i need a change! New hair style and new colour. I'm gonna leave the style decisions up to the lady with the scissors, as i'm outta ideas. My hair's kinda tough to handle, its long and curly and outta control. And lately its been dull and lifeless. Maybe just a bit shorter. I dunno. Colour wise i'm thinking of purplish red with pink highlights. Lol. I'm a bit tired of the black hair now. Maybe its influencing my mood... Lol. And my hair's been every shade of red, its been every shade of brown, its been blue, its been purple. Everything except blonde. (had a blonde wig on once. It so doesn't suit me) so the only available option is pink and green. :-D but still aint made my mind up yet... So watch this space! Lol
  • IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!! I'm looking forward to the whole thing. I mean, sure I might have just gotten kicked out of my house.. but that doesn't mean anything right now. Tonight, I'm getting a tattoo and partying. Tomorrow... PARTY! Saturday, I'm definately going to Benifest. Sunday, going out and about with my aunt in town I believe. So yeah, the weekend is going to be the best weekend EVER!
  •  Wow, I'm looking foward to the whole week.
    The Jessup carnival is Wed-Sun.
    So I'm prob. going everyday it doesn't rain.
    And Saturday is Ubaldo!
    Ubaldo is the best day of the carnival,
    and pretty much year. I love the week of the
    carnival, it pretty much starts off the summer.
    Yee, lets get crazzzzyyy. :P
  • dinner and movie date with my special friend =)
  • Frothage! When this whole LARP concept was explained to me I wasn't warned about how absolutely fantastically amazing everyone is to new players and just how welcome you feel straight away. I think it's that feeling of turning up to a place you've never been before, setting up a tent and realising that you're in a field with 100 other people who are all friendly, approachable and don't get ridiculously irritated when you ask hundreds of questions and don't understand the rules yet.

    There are so many people that I want to get to know better and trying to fit it all into one weekend makes it all very intense. There are some that I have on MSN and such that I know to a certain extent but others that have disappeared from the online world for a while and I don't get to speak to them as often as I'd like to. I think joining a new group will mean that I get to socialise with a very different set of people and that will probably mean even more people that I wish I could see more often, but it's fantastic when you get to see everyone together in such a relaxed and amiable environment.

    The other thing that I really love is the escapism. With my last character my best friends were a 3 year old twice-blood orc, a guy in a dress that kept being put to sleep by my adoptive mother, a guy that taught me about shadows and another who died at the hands of a bunch of overgrown spider-wannabes. I have no idea where this character is going or where she'll end up, I can never predict these things and I don't think I'd want to. I like the fact that everything is so fluid and changable and very little is set in stone.

  • Hmmm... Just hanging out here..:)
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