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I'm So Excited

What most excites you about the way you're living your life right now?

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  • The knowledge that every purpose of God for my life will be established. It doesn't matter what today looks like. It doesn't matter that there have been car crashes, computer crashes, broken water heaters, shredded air ducts, broken drier vents, Home Owners Association difficulties, and sickness in my family recently (just to name a few things)... God's purposes for me will prevail. Now THAT'S exciting!! Photobucket

  • Questions flowing out of my head like water,
    Can you answer them all?
    Or at least some?
    Tasting the future on my tongue as many mixed flavors.
    Meeting so many new people I am questioning the aspects of my own person.
    Who am I?
    A new place to sleep and cold new sheets free of my scents.
    I must make this my own.
    People who don't know can't see past my smiles to the truth.
    Only a few are able to distinguish the cracks.
    Rubbing this salve to my wounds,
    I am startign anew is a place where I am unknown.
    I can be whoever I want now.

  • My kids are the most exciting thing in my life...even being single again and being able to go do what i want when i want, after getting the babysitter, doesn't come close to the excitement i feel when i am with my kids.
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  •  I live for performing.
    Tomorrow I'm playing a show as the lead singer.
    And then another the day after and another in June and then another following that one!
    It's a great hobby, I just adore it.
  • That it is my life solely now.
  • Seeing my brother fulfil his ambition... it's making me reach for things that I thought I couldn't do... like trying to start a small buisness, which is my new ambition!!! ... this time next year???
  • The ways I've changed. The ways I react to most situations has altered incredibly. But for the most fundamental emotions, I'm still exactly the same person. I'm growing to love who I am, who I'm becoming. I'm excited to see how I "end up" (as if we ever stop growing).
  • Hmmm pretty much everything lol. I love my Dad to pieces as well as my Boyfriend Druie. I love our house that me and my bf have together. I love the fact that he is planting Pumpkins just for me! And he takes care of them everyday they are getting huge.. I love my family. I will do anything to keep any of them safe. I love all of my friends. I love everything God has done for us and i'm thankful that he kept Dru and his Mom safe from the wreck. I am always happy he gave me my Dad and Druie. Without the both of them I would have gone mad along time ago. I cant wait till we get our new car.. And i'm sure i'm sure I will be even happier when we get the car. I am living a GREAT life right now. Yes I am always making myself sick from worrying and scared I might lose it all in a second but I still try my hardest to keep that under control so I can enjoy every minute of it all.
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