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Treasure Chest

What is your most treasured possession? Why does it have such a special place in your world? What one item from your past that you no longer have would you give anything to have back?

Answers (31)

  • My most treasured possession would be my, now fiance, because he is all I will ever need. People have put things down on me, but he's all I need, and if no one likes or understands that, it doesn't matter. Only he knows... <3
  • I have many treasures from the past and present, they give me continuity and comfort. Old things... things I inherited from the grandparents and parents. A pair of prism glasses that let you watch TV while lying flat on your back; a wallet that turns into a shopping bag; old slide rules, abaci, and other calculating devices; The first TI digital watch; a portable sundial (museum replica); many, many others. If I could have one thing back that I had gotten rid of, it would have been my Petal camera - they're worth a small fortune now, and mine was new in the box. But there are many other things I'd love to have back as well... old toys I played with, not to mention my comic collection that could have put my kids through college if I had kept them, or my baseball cards (think "Blast from the Past.") Easy come, easy go.
  • She's pictured right up there... She's my gift from Heaven. My 1965 Fender Jaguar ( - that's a guitar, not an auto part) & amp. And all the precious letters & photos I lost in that flap with the moving company, including the family slides, especially of the house that I've been trying to (spiritually/aesthetically) trying to get back to since 1963...
  • I don't know. I really don't know. When I cleared out my previous lair, I used EBay for some stuff, and you find with some folks (lantern slide enthusiasts, radio nuts) they'll clear other stuff you may have in their line... I was clearing with a radio guy and we found at the bottom of a wardrobe (later scrapped) a glass "Mullard Valves Tested Here" placque from a shop window - my Bro In Law gave me that years ago, and I would have kept it, but since the guy found it while we were doing a mass clear I felt obligated to let him have it.... I sold him my old Variac that I'd fixed up from scrap, too... but I don't feel lonely about THAT. You know what? after losing someone dear to you, possessions don't excite you enough to want to kill to keep them. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of how lucky I am to have somewhere to live, and how dependent I am on mains services.... but there are more important things than, well, things.
  • Most treasured: my knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn. What I want back: are friends items?
  • My most treasured possession would be my first Grover. It was made of this shag rug material. I got it when I was 2 years old, and still have it. I remember it cost $10. My parents got it for me as a gift. It started my trend of collecting all things Grover. lol Item I'd like to have back. A computer that crashed. So much good music was on that hard drive. Grr.
  • The ring he left me... I wish I had the bullet, though...
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