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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

What are your neighbors like?

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  • I guess you could say they are the good ones. Never bother me, outside of saying hi occasionally. Never really like to interact with people that much, so I would say, they are the type to not really bother others, which is cool., Could be worse, how? I could've wound up with a previous neighbor who was bad news.
  • they are nice and we never hear them
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  • Oh JESUS when I saw that I knew I had to answer it, and due to the fact I had writers block and I'm very bored led to the reason why I saw it in the first place. For the longest of time I've barely had neighbors and when I did have them, they were quiet and nice and I ACTUALLY liked them. I moved almost 2 years ago next door. The woman who lives on the corner moved out and before she did that, she was a fucking recluse who I still have only seen once in my life. Then she moved. Then my wack job of a father decided that he had found the PERRRRRRRRFECT family to live in my house next door which I love and miss more than any thing. Lo and behold they are the loudest fucking family of hicks that I have EVER encountered. I do believe that they have a son who has longer hair than I ever will and cries and screams to the high heavens every goddamn waking second of his life, a little rat of a dog that pierces my ears every time it barks, the biggest mouths I have ever heard IN MY LIFE (bigger than mine and that's a fucking accomplishment and in this case, no good), and they suck at being subtle. I wake up rather late and every day when I wake up in the afternoon to my mother calling me telling me that she won't be home and she's job jumping, I go straight downstairs to put my dog out. Every time I open the fucking door, all I hear is screaming whether it's child or adult. I don't have a lot of boundaries and I have the mouth of a sailor, but I do know when to have common courtesy for neighbors. THEY DON'T. I like to enjoy a nice summer afternoon sitting in the sun, working on my tan while reading a few chapters of Harry Potter basically every day when the weather permits. I CANNOT DO THAT ANY LONGER, and when asked as to why he picked this family to move into my house, my father replies with "Well, that's none of your business now, is it?" YES, it's my fucking business you nitwit. That shit is SACRED GROUND. So, when I woke up extremely fucking exhausted and went downstairs to put my dog out and wait outside for my cousin who suffered a very long and stressful ride from the city, INSTANTLY I HEAR THE NEIGHBORS. They just hit my last nerve and I do believe that if my father doesn't take care of this I'm going to drastic measures and becoming a nudist. ALL of their windows are open ALL THE TIME, and I don't believe that I'm the only one who feels this because John's wife always sits on the back porch, POOR Joey's mother whom I believe to be sheltered STILL, has her grandchildren over all the time and I don't believe this is any environment for them and when I was talking to Mary who lives next to her the other day, she said that she hears them too.

    My question in response to my father's actions is: WHY CAN'T YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL A NICE OLD COUPLE WANTS TO USE THE HOUSE!? As you know, I'm lacking a grandmother and have been since the third grade (although I don't neccesarily pride myself in calling my mother's mom my grandmother TOO much), and I haven't had a grandfather since I was about 3 or 4. Mom is barely home except for her days off and I do believe that I could use a couple of home-cooked meals, especially lately, and I really think I'd enjoy the company of a nice old couple.

  • Awful. They're loud, they smoke and throw their cigarette butts in my area, they leave trash in Steve's truck and by my car, they park in my assigned spot, they smoke right outside my door or windows, they let their kids poop on my front porch. I can't wait to move!
  •  Immediate left (as you sit in my house) are the loveliest people you could hope for, Frank and his two boys. He lost his wife suddenly last year and has taken on the rtole of Mum and Dad with aplomb. Terrific man, excellent kids, a delight to know and call a friend. Immediate right- three noisy, awful kids. They make more noise than a platoon of banshees when they get going. But Mum and Dad are nice enough people and are mortified when you mention the racket... they haven't worked out that they simply create more by going inside to scream full volume at the kids about pissing the neighbours off. It could be worse, though. Across the green are the legendary George and his wife Jan, their daughter and her boyfriend, and Jan's Dad... possibly the greatest people you could wish to have as neighbours.

    I am very, very lucky. I've had terrible neighbours before now but right now I am blessed with good people around me.
  • Flat 1/1. "Big Al" - friendly Glaswegian who when drunk complains about flat 2/1's cigarette butts on his floor. FLat 1/2. A new family have just moved in. The child seems not to have a vocal box. Flat 2/1. More students (I think) who chuck and non-menthol cigarette butts found in their ashtray outside our door. But 2 years ago I lived in the same road as Michael Palin. He fixed our roof 'n all.
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... Oh, LJ. You haven't been paying attention. See The L Files for the answer.
  •  One of my neighbors is a stalker. On my birthday he made a  comment that three more years till we can be together, HE IS LIKE 40 AND I AM 15! I never liked him as a neighbor. Then one day he whistled at me like he was attracted to me but he said he was whistling for a dog. Bull crap! My other neighbor is ok.
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