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Toby Keith singing Ke$ha? Kenny G saxing it up with Megadeth? Pick an artist to cover any other artist's song -- who would be singing what? Why would you find this mix-up so amusing, amazing, or just plain weird?

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  • I actually suggested a similar question back in 2009 shortly after Elle and  I saw Willie Nelson with Asleep At The Wheel. We had a wonderful time together and it was a very memorable day. Even more wonderful and memorable than drinking sangria in the park.

    On the way home, while I was thinking about what a perfect day we'd had, it occured to me that I would really love to hear Willie Nelson sing Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". Of course part of the reason was that I'd had a damn near perfect day that involved Willie Nelson. But it's also easy to imagine him singing it. His voice is unusually well suited to that song.
  • The King's Singers singing, "The Necklace of Marie Antoinette," by Hannah Fury rather than their famous, "Greensleaves" by King Henry VIII. Now THAT would be very VERY weird. Or maybe Boyz2Men singing, "Losing My Religion" by REM. I don't even know HOW that would work out, but it would put a very interesting spin on it. lol!

  • Justin Bieber covering VNV Nations "Tomorrow Never Comes" and then send it Side-Line News with the message of, "Be careful what you joke about, it just might come true."  (Side-Line News' April Fool post was to pretend that that cover had happened.) 
  • pain, horrible pain
  •  My pick is "Andre' Segovia Plays Kurt Cobain's Greatest Guitar Riffs....Second Edition".
  • Bernard Cribbins, "I'm too sexy." For all the obvious reasons.
  • Devo doing a cover of "Are You Experienced?" Wait...
  • I thought William Shatner's doing Black Sabbath was a hoot, and that really happened. Bill did a great version of "Iron Man." He really got into it!
  • Lana Del Rey covering Someone Like You I don't know why, but it seems like it would be a really good cover in my mind. Or... The Civil Wars covering I Want You Back Alright. That doesn't really count since the Civil Wars did cover that song and it's on their album, but it's just a great cover. Go listen to it.
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