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What happened the first time you were left home alone as a child?

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  • I don’t exactly remember when it was that my parents finally decided I could be left home alone. I do recall that I would come home from school—working on homework immediately. Unlike my brother, I had a good idea of how to keep my priorities straight. I was not one for destroying the house while no one was there. While home alone, I’d try to help out around the house. I would help do laundry, as long as the washer was set already—and the laundry was left by the machines. Because the machines had markings on them, I could tell where to set and turn them on. Fast forward many years later to my first marriage. My ex never unintentionally left me home alone before—we used to do everything together. He always wanted me with him. That didn’t last long, and I was way too stupide to see that. There were times he’d leave me home alone for days on end, and I had to attempt to fend for myself. Now, I’m with the best guy ever, and when he goes away, it floods back the past. Not because I’d have to fend for myself, but simply because unconditional love wouldn’t surround me. Who would help me when I need it if he goes away? Who would I cuddle with at night? Now, I don’t want to be alone. There aren’t good memories about it, as I’m not in my own house where I can remember how things are. Unfortunately, Sean’s absence makes me remember who my ex left me multiple times—either for a week or more. I don’t want to be alone for 3 weeks without my best friend
  • So long ago that I can't remember, but I think I liked it a lot more than being near people. I was always a loner at heart.
  • i think it to learnt some think when you are alone may be good or bad but  myself  i have faith in the god

  • I watch TV non-stop
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  • Well, you're never really truly alone when you're royalty and have servants and all, but there was a time when I was five my parents got sick of searching for me when I was hiding in my closet to avoid a visit to my maternal grandfather and they went 'screw it', leaving me. I took the opportunity to steal all Noni's toys and hide them around my room. Later, she beat me up. I'm home alone right now, but I've decided to use it to work on the garden instead of petty thievery.
    It's starting to look really great. I just keep finding rocks in it all the time. But I guess elf rocks are better than the rocks back home, because I found this one instead of some boring grey thing:
    I think I'll trade it for tea or something.
  •  i died
  •  я потеряла молочный зуб. младшая сестра выбила головой...
  • Dyed my hair blue. At age eight.
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