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Who's your current favorite celebrity? Which celebrity do you never want to see again?

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  • I don't honestly have a favourite celebrity. But, I guess I absolutely love Tim Burton. Tim Burton is my hero (are directors celebrities?). His dark humour puts me into awe. I can't decide which of his movies I like best, but I can say that I haven't seen them all. That is my dream in life, to see them all. I also haven't had the chance to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3-D. Has it come out yet? I need to see it.
    As for who I wish to never see again, well, 2PAC!!! AREN'T I LUCKY? (sorry, don't mean to offend his spirit) I'm kidding, I hadn't even heard of 2pac until two years ago. And how the hell do you spell his name? Whatever, I don't need to know.
    In truth, who I would really like to never see again is... Britney Spears. Yes. I have nothing much to say about that. So there you go.
  • I've always loved Kevin Spacey. He's an amazing actor his character from American Beauty, Lester Burnham is my personal hero.

    One celebrity I never want to see again? Probably one of the talentless bimbo's who release records because they're famous- Not because they have any singing ability.
  • Я обожаю творчество Егора Летова,Виктора Цоя и Курта Кобейна. Ненавижу Skate-Punk,Metal,[AMATORY],Рэп и попс.
  • Я творчество Егора Летова,Виктора Цоя и Курта Кобейна. Ненавижу Skate-Punk,Metal,[AMATORY],Рэп и попс.
  • Мои кумир, как это не странно, японский аниматор Хаяо Миядзаки. Меня восхищает то, что он сделал и то, что он вкладывает в свои работы всю душу. Ну еще меня восхищает Киохару, а именно то, что он добивался и добился своей мечты, ну и просто классную музыку пишет( в конце концов большинство джейрок исполнителей до сих пор очень им восхищаются)
    Кого я ненавижу? М-м...Сложно сказать. У меня отсутствует понятие зависти и ненависти. Наверно нет таких знаменитостей, которые мне были б очень неприятны.
  •  Fav: Sandra Bullock

    Despise: It's a three way tie between Britany Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton.
  • I'd be in Heaven, if I could see Ben McKenzie, just for like... one second! It would be my dream not my wish, but still my dream. 'Cause, well first, he's one hell of an actor, he just, I dunno, make it real and everything. He duh, he's hot! 
    I'd like to see again, Masi Oka, from Heroes, because I saw him twice in two days, and he was adorable, really nice and funny.
    Who, I wouldn't want to see? Marylin Manson, he scares the hell out of me, I'd run if I would have the misfortune to see him. He's just, a freak and he freaks me out, so... I wouldn't want to see Paris Hilton (I saw her just once) because, she's like the dumbest person ever.
  •  Oh yes. Laura has hit the jack pot. I can do a lot with this question. So first, lets make a list of my Top Ten Fave Celebs:

    1. Bonnie Wright
    2. Emma Watson
    3. Evanna Lynch
    4. Katie Leung
    5. Johnny Depp
    6. Orlando Bloom
    7. Georgie Henley
    8. Anna Popplewell
    9. Tilda Swinton
    10. Jim Broadbent

    Bonnie Wright was #1 so here's what I think about her:

    Bonnie first of all, is a beautiful girl. Her auburn hair is breathtaking and she has loads of talent. She might not have many lines in Harry Potter as Ginny, but she performs the role according to the book. And I also speculate some of my oppinion on her recent voiceover in The Replacement's episode "London Calling", where she played the young spy Vanessa. Although she turns out to be the bad girl, Bonnie's voice is superb! I couldn't believe how good she was to be so young! I also love her style. I love most of the thing's she wears and I was even able to find a few of her and her co-star Katie Leung's outfits in Urban Outfitters. Yes Bonnie is perfect.

    I HATE Ashley Tisdale , Vanessa Hudgens, and all of those small budget actors and actresses not because their movies aren't big, because they are mainly in the States. But they show no potential. Teens only like Zac Efron for his looks, and if I remember correctly, he didn't even do his own voice in HSM1. What a jerk. And I recently read in a forum that he hated the songs in both HSM's and that was the reason he didn't go on tour. Because if he heard them again he would jump off a bridge. Well, it is my new life's mission to walk up to his front door, with my radio, start playing Bop To The Top, and make him jump off the nearest bridge or cliff. Whatever's closer.

    Ashley and Vanessa are just so shallow. Yep. I hate them too.

    Oh and I also hate Dakota Fanning and all those sucky child actresses. Georgie Henley rules, and is cute and caring and smart to boot so yeah maybe they will jump off a bridge to We're All In This Together. You never know.

  • я как всегда за Бритни Спирс:) малацца малышка..Верните ей детей!!! и.. ненавижу..ээ..не знаю. всех люблю а!! еще пэрис хилтон тоже сладенькая
  • I don't usually give a crap about celebrities, but I do have to say that I find Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance irresistable.  There's something about a man who can sing that is unbelievably attractive.

    As for celebrities I hate, there are far too many for this list.  To name a few: 50 Cent, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani (go back to No Doubt, for fuck's sake), Gnarls Barkley, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, anyone who used to be in a boy or girl band, etc.  There are so many more, it's really sad.  But they just piss me off.  I'm easily angered when it comes to shitty music.
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