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The Perfect Crime

What was the last thing you "got away with?"

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  • Neglecting to clean the cat box for two weeks. There have been two occasions in the past when I've let it go for a while and then ad to deal with not only the cat box but also little surprises around the house. This time, poor cats, they kept it all in and around their box.
  • Probablyyyyyy; sneaking out. 
    Going over to a friend's house without his parents home. Nor, did my parents even know. Me & My best friend Kylie, snuck over to his house, where his best friend and also my best friends crush(:, was. We just hung out the whole time. Boys are amazing; any teenage girl would agree. Girls go to drastic measures to hang out with the cuties(: But i def. got away with it. Thank goodness, i have a semi-cool brother. He's got my back(:

    he used the lame excuse, "They're  sleeping." & stuck a few pillow's under some blankets. HAH. I remember we came home & couldn't control our hysteric laughter. Funniest thing i've ever seen(:

    i'm surprised it really even worked.(:
  • Writing a paragraph about Bob Saget for my english paper and still getting 100% on it. This happened last week, and I got my paper back today.

    and PS.- yesterday I found out that TBS is playing at VIRGIN FEST this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S HERE! IN BALTIMORE!!! :D:D:D
    I HOPE IM GOING, or working there for merriweather. :) IM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYY <3
  • Going to a friends house while their mom wasn't home and hanging out with some boys. OHHHH NOOOOO!!!
    Still a virgin, cause a boys are icky (cooties, remember??? ).
  • I 'get away' with everything. LOL. I'm AMAZING
  • Smoking pot (duh)...
  • lately its been not paying entry fees. free shows and free sporting events. i've been a master sneaky sneak. lol. its fun :D
  • I beat the government for 3 kilos of pot. SCREW YOU MAN!!!
  • Writing a short fiction story about something...illegal...that happened in real life.
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