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Spring Cleaning

Are you planning on doing any spring cleaning this year? If so, please share a cleaning tip you swear by.

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  • Nope.
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  •  I'm totally knee deep in organizing shit.  I've determined that my husband is a packrat.. he's kept so much military crap that it's ridiculous.  I found day planners from 2001.  Some of it I've tossed but some of it I've kept simply because I'm not really sure if it's important or not.  I have a box for the I don't know stuff that he said he would go through when he gets back.  

    TIP: Clear plastic containers.  They're cheap at Wal-mart of Target and are great for organizing.  They create a ton more space in closets or garages, and since they're clear, it's easy to see what's inside.  I used several of the 5 gallon ones for my purses and cleared off an entire shelf in our closet.  Same with our den.  I was able to transform a closet when we basically threw crap into a place that has room to spare.  SCORE.  

  •  The main thing I cleaned during my 'spring cleaning' is my book shelves- I reorganized and indexed my books. I made a notebook for the books in storage (which allowed me to make room for more books on the shelf. I still have to work on cataloguing my text books but that is going to wait until summer vacation. I cleaned under my bed (very easy) and cleaned my dresser ajnd rearranged my furniture. Added a new book shelf next to my window. I washed my windoew (bleach and water to get rid of mold and mildew) Then I used windex. Shiny windows!    I am working on moving my speakers still and cleaning off my pictures and wall posters. Yep I think that is it.
  • You know what cleaning tip that I fucken swear by...............TO GET RID OF TOXIC, UNREAL BITCHES...AND KEEP THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOXIC BITCHES ARE LIKE DUST BUNNIES...THEY NEED TO BE SWIFTED WITH A SWIFTER DUSTER...AND BE GONE FOR GOOD!!!!!!!! ...a lot has happened in my life you guys...and yes, I'm back ;) . Much Luv
  • Провожу уборку дома и во дворе в порыве творческого вдохновения.
  • Lol, no XD
  • придерживаюсь советов от FLY LADY.очень здорово помогает,и корпеть каждую весну не надо...
  • Do it when you have the most energy...or when you are angry. Have some music on!
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