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Writer's Block

Life or Something Like It

What experience has changed you for the better (or worse)?

Answers (59)

  • I want to say going to China, because it showed me how awesome it is to go to a different country. but I also want to say turning 21, because now I love going to the bar and playing darts and hanging out with friends (which I couldn't do before). good, bad, or indifferent, it doesn't matter, it's already happened.
  • When  i stopped going to school. Due to financial i was not able to go in college but things went perfectly. I realized so many things in that experienced. I got to know more God and my family bond became stronger than before.God has it's purpose for everything; I am now a student scholar in a prestigious school!:)
  • the death of our dog who was with us for (give or take) 9 years 
    her death changed me for the better cuz I learned about friendship between humans and animals & wished that her life with us had been better than it was which made me want to give a good life to all animals.
  • I think that not being accepted into the Enrichment program in elementary school really affected me. It was kind of like the honors program for smart kids who got to leave class at certain times to participate in interesting activites. They even got to go on special field trips. This happened during a very delicate time in my life. It started in fourth grade, which was when the worst years of my life started (4th-8th grade). My best friend Kristy dumped me the first day of school ("Hi Kristy! How was your summer?" "Robin, you are such a dork. Don't talk to me."). I was gaining weight so I got continuously abused verbally by my peers. My friends were only fair-weather and sometimes I had no one. To get into Enrichment, every student took a test in third grade to determine if you were smart enough. I missed the cut-off by one point. What that meant was that I got to stay in class with all the other stupid kids watching the smart kids leave for their special activities. Hurt a lot. Hurt even more when my brother (who was in the special class for his disabilites but has a higher IQ than me) got into Enrichment! At that point I already knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. I resolved that I was going to show all of them that I was just as smart as those other kids. That I could get into vet school (which everyone said was so hard to do - and it was) and get just as far as them even though they said I was not as smart. I think the experience helped fuel my drive to achieve my life dream. But there is still a little part of me that still resents those Enrichment kids.
  • Three things. My best friend being killed a feet away from me when I was 13 Second Tour March 14 2009 the first made me my path and saved me from going with the wrong crowd ever again. the second mademe understand life better and lef tme without the ability to drive... I found out that sometimes our professors and those who are owr heroes are Humans, just like us. good? Bad? you pick
  • Definitely moving to Alaska. :D And getting Abby! angry birds Pictures, Images and Photos lmao :P Day 1 - A picture of yourself taken on the first day of the challenge Day 2 - A photo that makes you happy Day 3- Favorite book that you own Day 4 - A picture of yourself 10 years ago Day 5 - A place that makes you happy. Day 6 - Your favorite quote, in your handwriting Day 7 - Something you love Day 8- A picture of the best moment of your life Day 9 - A talent of yours Day 10 - Your bedroom (In its current state) Day 11 - Your favorite food Day 12 - A prized possession Day 13 - Favorite board game Day 14 - Something you hate Day 15 - Your childhood home Day 16 - Something embarrassing in your room Day 17 - Your pet(s) Day 18 - Your favorite outfit Day 19 - One of the best days of your life Day 20 - Your Grades/Report card Day 21 - A picture of your cell phone Day 22 - Favorite cd that you own Day 23 - A school picture Day 24 - Favorite purchase ever made Day 25 - A gift from a friend Day 26 - A gift from your family Day 27 - The shoes you wore today Day 28 - The shirt you wore today Day 29 - A pretty flower (yes go take a picture of a flower) Day 30 - Your breakfast Day 31 - A picture of yourself taken today Day 32 - Something you collect Day 33 - Something you made Day 34 - Something that makes you smile Day 35 - Favorite movie that you own Day 36 - A place where you spend a lot of time Day 37 - The last restaurant you ate at Day 38 - A useless trinket you own Day 39 - Your favorite picture Day 40 - An embarrassing picture from your childhood Day 41 - Someone in your family Day 42 - Something you did today Day 43 - The weather outside Day 44 - A hobby of yours Day 45 - Your favorite candy Day 46 - A picture of your favorite state Day 47 - A room in your house Day 48 - Your best friend Day 49 - A day you remember really well Day 50 - Something you drew Day 51 - Something passed down from your parents/grandparents Day 52 - A picture of yourself celebrating for getting this far Day 53 - The last thing you bought Day 54 - A picture of yourself from middle school Day 55 - What you're wearing today Day 56 - A drawing of your favorite cartoon character Day 57 - Everything inside your purse/backpack/wallet Day 58 - Your favorite animal Day 59 - Your most used electronic device Day 60 - Last movie you watched Day 61 - School class picture Day 62 - Last place you traveled to Day 63 - Sports awards Day 64 - Favorite childhood book Day 65 - A picture of you and your best friend Day 66 - A picture in your room Day 67 - Something green Day 68 - A magazine you like Day 69 - Something red Day 70 - Something you borrowed from someone else Day 71 - A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry Day 72 - A stuffed animal Day 73 - Your lunch Day 74 - Something you found under your bed Day 75 - You and a friend Day 76 - Something that annoys you Day 77 - The last thing that you bought Day 78 - Your sunglasses Day 79 - A ticket from somewhere you've been Day 80 - Your favorite childhood movie Day 81 - Something you baked Day 82 - The most embarrssing thing in your closet Day 83 - The moon tonite Day 84 - Your favorite pair of shorts Day 85 - Something Pink Day 86 - Something your mom bought you Day 87 - Something you hold dear to your heart Day 88 - Your bathroom Day 89 - What's in your fridge? Day 90 - Your current school photo Day 91 - Something that made you smile today Day 92 - Something wierd in your house Day 93 - The view from your bedroom window Day 94 - What your doing right now Day 95 - Something yellow Day 96 - A place you went today Day 97 - Something heart shaped Day 98 - Your favorite nail polish color Day 99 - Something that makes you feel accomplished Day 100 - The final picture of yourself. Would you rather be the boy in the plastic bubble or the elephant man? The elephant man, since now surgery can fix that :P Today's trivia: The grizzly bear is capable of running as fast as the average horse
  • When i lost someone important to me it made me look at the world in a different perspective. And when my dearest mom was nearly about to leave i realized what was important to me in life and all that good stuff. so now i just appreciate things more!
  • the loss of love around me changed me for better.
  •   The one thing that has changed my life the most is probably the most remembered day of my life. I was at my local farmer's market here in Florida with relatives who were down to visit. My cousin had asked me to go with her to get a crepe from her favorite stand. Seeing as how we're both girls, we talked about the cute guys running the stand. I had my eyes on a tall dark and handsome guy, while she had her eyes on a shorter white guy. 

       That day changed my life, because after the conversation I had with that guy, I feared I would never see him, this stranger, again. Ridiculous right? Well, about a year later, I ran into him, or rather he into me. We were at a renaissance festival when he asked me where he noticed me from. I had to really think about it for a second, as he asked me if I was at a party he had been to. Then I simply said, " Hey crepe guy".

       It's been four miraculous months since that day. 

  • Running away
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