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If you could enter any fictional realm, which would it be?

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  • uhmmmm, this is a no brainer! Harry Potter, FTW
  • Hogwarts, hands-down.
  • It would be the Harry Potter world. Need to be explained? Everyone who ever read or watched it can easily understand it…the most unique atmosphere, exciting places and unusual people...
    Every time when life seem to be too much, I escape into this world (reading a book or only in my imagination). It always feels like home.
  • I'd live in earth with a city populated with Kryptonians(Super people) flying around doing the same that we do everyday, thing is this world wouldn't have cars, planes, nukes, or any stupid shit like that. Just music, Knowledge, spaceships, and tons of things the world can make use of in the future. Just Imagine if you were Superman and you weren't aware of the human existence? That'll be pretty cool. That would mean you wouldn't break your back trying to help people stop fixing their stupid problems all the dam time!!! And you'd be able to Go anywhere and see the different cultures and races. No laws except the punishment for killing another person. Everyone has fun always. Parties are better. Drinks get you drunker and you can't die from it later. Cigarettes are stupid and were never invented..  A better world!!
  • If I could enter any fictional realm, It would be Wonderland. I dont really feel like explaining, maybe later. 
  • Azeroth. Reasons: - Because you can never die - every 4-6 months there's something new to do - you can ride awesome mounts (including dragons and cats!) - you never have to worry about food/water for the sake of survival (you're always thin!) - the amount of money you earn is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into acquiring it - you never need to sleep and you never physically tire (from exertion) - you get to wear awesome weapons, cast awesome spells, and wear fantastic armour - the difference between being old and young amounts to the colour of your hair - you never feel pain - you can fall from any distance and live.... as long as you land in water - did I mention flying around on dragons? I've thought long and hard before about what it would be like to live in Azeroth, and came to the conclusion that it would be an amazing place to exist. The main drawback would be the same drawback Azeroth has as a virtual world: boredom would set in. It's a very limited world compared to our own.
  • harry  potters wizard world!!!
  •  Probably the world of Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief! Whew! I mean, wouldn't it be amazing to find that Zeus and all the other gods/goddesses existed?! I think so. I get shivers when I think about it.. Something I can only dream and wish..
  •   The world of InuYasha would DEFINETLY be a top choice. Off the top of my head, I chose InuYasha because it's an anime i've loved ever since I was a little girl. It's a feudal fairy tale that takes place 500 years in Japans past. 

      If I could be any character from this anime, I would choose to be Sango. Sango is a teenage demon slayer who specializes in slaying demons. Her main weapon is a giant boomerang that she carries with her everywhere. Sango is a very warm hearted girl that isn't afriad to show when she's angry or frustrated. She's really down to Earth but she can be serious when she needs to be. Sango is extremely strong willed. She lost her entire family in the blink of an eye. Her brother was being controlled by the demon Naraku, and was orderd to slaughter her family before her very eyes. Those who were not killed in front of her were burned. Naraku burned her village while she and the other demon slayers were out working.

    The manga InuYasha is filled with many different adventures! It's jam packed with days of hunting and fighting demons, searching for jewl shards, helping villagers, ect.

    This anime also teaches you a lot. It shows that (from Sango's perspective) that people go through more than you think! Especially when you almost always see them with a smile on their face! (from InuYasha's point of view) you learn that things change, feelings change; but even when they change, depending on the impact something had on you in the first place; it shows that time doesn't erase everything. Not when you're living with a heavy heart. (From Kagome's point of view) you learn to always expect the unexpected! because it was by chance that she got to see the world of japan 500 years in the past, but still having the option to live as a normal girl as well. (From Shippos point of view) You learn that just because you're little, and young- doesn't mean that you're not still a person, or that you're any less mature than most adults who inhabit the planet!

    These are a few reasons why I would enjoy to live in the world of Inuyasha! <3

  • That's really hard. The world of Narnia, Middle-Earth, or (not sure if this counts) a world where the Doctor exists (if I could travel with him).
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