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Writer's Block

Multiple Personalities

Introduce all your different personalities.

Answers (144)

  • There is a wall of jars, each containing a different persona.
    Today's choice will be the third jar on the 7th shelf
    These things do not expire, they demand no shelf life
    they are life.
    They are faces.
    each one replaces and displaces another.
  • I may change my mood in a blink of an eye :) now I'm happy, then in 2 seconds I may turn into the most annoying person ever! :D GEMINI :S
  • I am happy, when with my child. I am sad, when I am alone. I am lonely, always. I am angry, when people hurt me. I am scarred, when people use me. I am a lot of things. People will always see me smile. I want to be accepted by everyone, and I normally fail. I want to please people, make them proud of me. I am a failure in my own eyes, because I can't live up to what my family wants of me. I have hopes and dreams, but I don't know where to start. I am shy, and don't really like talking much in person. I am a mess. Is there a limit to how many personalities we can have? Think I just made the crazy list.
  • i like working ,,so i have found so many jobs ..on the go .  a crazy girl..wow
  • Here in Live Journal there was [info]octobrianaoz, and [info]pollychrome. In Facebook and Second Life there's Elsie Broek and Laurel Galli and occasionally Marble Baar. Get around, eh? Of course we all have sub-personalities.
  • Oh, to heck with them. They can get their own damned journals. Some of'em have, actually, but I hardly ever read them. We're not on speaking terms. And, jeez, the persona with the day job has a Facebook page. I don't even ... It's like I don't even know me, man.
  • No. "No." Bugger off. I don't think so. Get a life. "Will you please stop breaking the Fourth Wall?"
  • Having answered this question earlier, I am not surprised by the number of people who feel that it is inappropriate. But it isn't. The fact that people responded and that the Question can be asked at all is tribute to LJ itself. If we can't express ourselves here, then where can we?

    Few of my friends in my 20s would have cared about my problems or the depths of my intellect, and I know for a fact that I don't suffer any of the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder (fomerly Multiple Personality Disorder), but thanks to the media's exploitation of the radical parts of the condition, I was able to look at who I really was and what I wanted to be. I was once quite suicidal over my problems and didn't expect to live long as an adult, but becuase a TV character {VIcki on the soap One Life To Live} poked a stick into the darkness that mental illness was in 1970s USA, I was able to do the same to mine without paying a psychiatrist all sorts of money I didn't have. And instead of sickness I found other parts of me who valued who I was and actually wanted to help me change.
     I find no threat to answering this Question in public becuase I am fine inside my own head after a time when I wasn't, and I don't care who knows it. To quote the half-man, half-dog Barf from Spaceballs, "I'm my own best friend."
  • I think somebody at LJ has a death wish. I haven't even introduced them to EACH OTHER.
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