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Sick Day

What is your favorite thing about being sick?

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  • For me the part of being sick that comforts me the most is when I get in bed, covered up with all my blankets to keep warm, snuggle in and fall asleep.  I sleep as long as I need to without being disturbed except by those who check on me to make sure I'm allright.
  • Being sick gives others a chance to be kind, and it reminds us that there is something beautiful about helping others.
  • Having mummy cuddle me and being able to watch Telly in my bed.
  • Absolutely nothing. Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • Well, its a tie between the sleeping, the laying out of school, and spending the time I'm not asleep on the internet.
  • OMG me too, although i do prefer the older versions of Jerry Sprinnger!!! woo jerry jerry jerry love him.
    ps great slashing babe! luv cha xx
  • My favorite thing about being sick is.. that glorious week after being sick.
    You feel so refreshed, and alive.
    Not so down, and wishing you didn't have to drink cough syrup and take Tylenol every five hours. :/
  • feeling sick....being empty
  • there  is no good thing about being sick
  • The fact that I'm able to just sit around the house and do absolutly nothing w/out having to feel bad about it.  You don't have to shower if you don't want to, leave the house, or generally do anything.  Wow, that doesn't make being sick sound to bad...


    My party went ok.  My AC isn't working, so it was really hot in my house, and a couple of friends that said they would come flaked on me, but I guess that comes with the territory.  And their kids were cute but they made a mess of my house.  Definetly doesn't help the case for future motherhood.

    I watched Doom the movie on TNT and actually got a few good ideas about a publishable novel.  Explaining superhuman abilities w/out stealing from another genre, specifically.  

    Anyway, I have another day of nothing ahead of me.  What a difficult life I lead.  

    3.5 months until Matt's R&R!
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