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Spring Cleaning

What do you really need to get rid of?

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  • The clutter. *horrified whisper* So much clutter... IT'S GONNA EAT ME ALIVE!!! *ahem* But seriously. I live in a 6' by 6' dorm room. The clutter is taking it over.
  • I just have so much STUFF. I have been slowly going through it, weeding out things I don't really care about. However, I am still left with STUFF that I don't need or use, but I somehow 'care' about it. first world problems... hah
  • I need to finish all my stories I have started.  Problem is, which one do I do first?  So much to write and so little time.  If I had your way with words, I would have been done now.  But that's okay.  Some one always needs to bring up the rear.  Might as well be me.......
  • Those bodies. They're cramping my style.

    (Original answer I know).
  • I really need to use up all of the extra soap, creams and makeup that people have given me this year for "being a poor student", I'm in danger of a shampoo explosion in my room.
  • Last year I cleaned out my closet and under my bed and got rid of tons of black bags of stuff that I didn't need like shoes, clothes and other clutter. Recently we have moved and I need to go through my closet and my the shelves in my bed (I have a loft). I have totes that need to go through and the shelves in my bed are full of stuff. I need to get motivated some how, some way to organize and go through stuff again and get rid of stuff again. Eventually I will get it done. I think I will make a list of things that I want to get done and eventually get to it.
  • what will i eat in my dinner ? wow account.

  • My extra weight!
  • I really need to go through my clothes, I have been holding onto clothes from years ago, and some of them I don't fit into anymore, and I think I keep them because I want to fit into them again and if I get rid of them perhaps I am giving up on losing the baby weight to fit into them??

    I WILL get aroudn to this this year though, 2012 is MY year, it's going to be great!!!
  • Books from my junior & high school. I always think that old stuff are just too precious to be thrown away.
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