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"Nothing Sharpens Sight Like Envy"

What quality in your closest friend are you most envious of and why?

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  • I'm envious of my friend's family.
    They have it all together.
  • Haven't had a close friend in a LOOOOOOOONG time, but when I did, one thing I envied about him was that he told me he always had more girls in his day, and did so many more things than I did. Made me feel insecure for a very long time, since they made me feel like I was just sheltered from the world. I remember telling someone about that, and they said to me: "Did it ever cross your mind that maybe they were lying to you?" I guess alot of them were, right?
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  •  her happieness. She could be lying in a ditch somewhere taking her last fucking breath and use in a laugh. I love her for it. While shes laughing id probably be complaining. Ilike her ability to be able to talk to anybody. or the fact that she can stand up for herself. ilove it all!
  •  being skinny. and perfect.
    i seriously can't think of a single thing that gina does wrong.
    i wish i was exactly like her.
    i mean i guess im glad that i have the life experiences that i do.
    and i guess there are some qualities that i have that she wishes she had.
    but still...
    in my eyes g-unit is perfection personality wise and physically.
  • Nick has this quality about him where he thinks that some things are just too difficult to surpass, and I agree, life is like that.  I believe that life is made up of a series of tests and that they are all passable because you are never given a test at a moment in time when you cannot handle it.  I hate it when Nick says that he just can't continue or things are too difficult, but then again, I am a hypocrite and say these things too when in a tough spot. 
    But what amazes me about Nick the most is that over time he DOES overcome these obstacles and it's great to see that.  Sometimes, however, he doesn't quite notice or understand the mountains he had just climbed.  I envy that he can get over them and think little of it...just another passing thing.  It is so amazing.  He is quite amazing.
  • HMMM..... I think i'm most envious of her ability to just be free when it comes to girls. like she likes to just have fun, test the waters. she is never really looking for anybody to get with, they just kind of come to her (dirrty thought sorry). And she's actually had some good relationships, (given that some of gone bad due to her ability to just attract girls) from this ability. 

    I don't know, i just wish that i culd just have the courage to go up to girls and not care if she tells me to leave her alone, or if we start talking. so i guess i'm saying i envy her confidence when it comes to girls. hmmm

    ya that's it.
  • Their joie de vivre, definitely that. It sucks being depressed.
  • My closest friend, would have to be anonymous to you. I met her this year and weve grown so close. I envy her for many reasons, shes a good person to look up to.  She is always thinking about you, and she cares for a lot of people, and  loves to meet new ones. The biggest reason i envy her is, the fact that she does not exclude anyone ever, she always makes you feel comfortable. Shes made me change so much, but in to a good change, shes had a big impact on my life, and shes always there for me:)
  • My friends is a very likable and kind person. I guess, the thing I most envy about her is that she makes friends so easily without really even trying.
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