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You have been given an opportunity to have a movie made about your life. What actor/actress would play you? And what would the plot of the movie be?

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  • I just love this one, to be honest. Who would play ME? I remember when I was in high school asking people about that. I don't know. What would the plot or theme be about? Maybe someone who did some of the things I did, such as win awards for movies, drew comics, just as long as it told the truth. As far as who would play yours truly? I would have to play myself, since I am the only person I could envision. I don't think anyone could play the Greywolf in a believable way, other than me. Maybe whoever reads this might suggest a person, but I honestly can't think of anybody to be honest with you.
  • Ok so I am going to really go in of really narcissist on this one if I can even do that... Keanu Reeves, reasoning... he is the only person I believe can portray absolute awesome from the shittiest starting point. The plot would be similar to a jay and silent bob movie... just alot more colors

  • Robin Wright Penn
    Some long boring movie in style of Murakami’s any first 150 pages where nothing ever happens. One opens a fridge, one closes a fridge, life passes by. A scene with a lonely girl in a schematic café (scenery like in Dogville) full of grotesque morons repeats over and over again with little variations. Tagline: Places and faces change, her heart keeps eternal silence.

  • Well as much as I'd like Emily Blunt to play me I think based on the comments from people around me either Alexis Bledel or Anne Hathaway should play me. The movie would definitely be a comedy based around the fact that pretty much everyone I encounter (with the exception of a few close friends) are complete and utter idiots...the plot would focus on how I get through my life dealing with these morons on a daily basis.
  • Charlize Theron. She is a gutsy actress and could be made up to make the younger me and the older me too.

    The Plot..?  romantic/comedy/drama...spin.
  • The last time I was asked who would play me in the film of my life I believe I said "Peter Lorre"... Or Buster Keaton for a closer facial resemblance. I should be honoured to be played by either of them. The plot... would be about someone who retreats into a tower and refuses to come out again, ending up surrounded by a vast number of hobbies and pursuits with no people in sight. I don't know if it gets more interesting towards the end, that bit hasn't happened yet.
  • Well, I've got a fantastic script for a short film about my life floating around in my head, and when I have more time I WILL write it all down and post it - you know, just a short, two scenes or something, the kind of thing you'd see on the IFC between other shows. But I'm stuck on who would play me. Your thoughts? There isn't really anyone people have ever told me I resemble - I do remember watching The Craft with my friends in middle school and we were each one of those girls - I was the mixed-race girl with the crazy hair, without discussion or personality comparison, because I'm ethnic-looking I suppose. I was also always, without question, Scary Spice, not cause I'm scary (but the friend who got to be Sporty Spice was sporty...) but again because she was the only non-white Spice Girl and I guess I don't look white either. Once me and Bevan were watching TV at work and there was a short news clip about "the most beautiful woman in the world" and he was like, "oh, she looks like you" and I was like, NICE TRY, are you for real? I look like the MOST beautiful woman in the world? And he was like, yeah you have that same look, dark eyes and dark eyebrows and some kind of secretive expression, it's hot. ...That is actually the only time anyone has ever said I legitimately looked like someone famous. Thing is... who would play me in a movie? I have a pretty fake-able disability, I'm sure an actress could convincingly use a wheelchair for a ten-minute film. But I've never been quite sure what to think about AB actors playing disabled characters - surely there are disabled actors out there who are plenty talented and don't even have to waste their energy learning to fake being paralyzed for a film. Especially if it's not even the focus of the film. I feel like because I have a disability myself, I should have a stronger opinion about this - that it is WRONG to cast AB actors in disabled parts, or that it doesn't matter, acting is acting. But what I'm more caught up on is that my movie (that does not and will never exist - stretch your imagination for me here) would prob get more attention for being creative and unusual and interesting because one of the characters is disabled - it would take an ordinary, maybe self-important couple scenes, and make them that much more of note. The description, even though it wouldn't pertain to the plot, would include the wheelchair. If the actress was disabled in real life, any description of HER would include her wheelchair. In other words... it's a STATEMENT, whether I want it to be or not. Anyway, go ahead. You tell me who should play me, and I'll write that script out. That counts as something creative, right?

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