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What is your favorite fairytale, and why?

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  • I love Beauty and the Beast. Im such a fangirl for sappy sweet things. Im super corny, and that story just warms my heart. I really want a relationship like this, its perfect. Except for when Beast almost dies. Anywho, this tale has always warmed my heart, and is so inspirational. Ive loved it for the longest time :)
  • About a year ago, I purchased and planted what I thought to be ordinary blackberry plants. Folks, these are no ordinary plants. There are giant stalks (almost big enough to climb) growing up into the heavens in my garden. Is this sounding like a story you've heard before? DSC_4050 DSC_4052
  • I meant to do this one since it was posted on my birthday, but didn't get time. I have many, so list I will. Little Red Riding Hood: I always wondered why none of the picture books or adaptations kept the original ending from the Grimm's "Little Red Cap" where after the Huntsman saved Red and Granny, another wolf tries the same thing later when Red is coming again, and her and Granny trick him with sausages and drown him in a bucket. Plus, the image of the little girl all in red going through a forest is such an iconic one. Despite the story being free of romance, all the adaptations, and indeed the early oral versions, have starkly sexual elements and connotations. People always take the more insulting moral of "be an obedient good girl or you'll get eaten by a wolf" instead of (IMO) the more obvious "not all predators look threatening" (the wolf was quite kind to Little Red when he met her on the path). Hansel and Gretel: I think its easy to see why kids love Hansel and Gretel. A house made out of candy, and a tale that celebrates clever, resourceful children. I always thought Hansel's plan with the breadcrumbs would work pretty well, as was the deal with the finger bone/chicken bone. And meek, scared little sister Gretel, after her brother is imprisoned and she has been enslaved, is the one to save them both, using her own wits and strength. Plus, CANDY HOUSE. The Snow Queen: My favorite of Hans Christian Andersen's. Its longer than most fairy tales. Its got multiple stories that go on. There's an old witch who obstructs the heroine, but is not coded as evil, just lonely and wanting a daughter. There's a whole separate prince and princess, there's even a ragamuffin robber girl who turns out to be good-hearted. It's dying for a good Disney adaptation, all about the power of love and friendship to overcome even hearts rendered black by a shard of a cursed mirror, and I hope to God they do it justice. Kate Crackernuts: This is a Scottish fairy tale that involves several things which are rare in them. Female step sibling solidarity, the "ugly" sibling being the heroine, the heroine having to save her Prince. Its a gender flipped version of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses", where instead of the princesses being punished for wanting to leave at night and dance, the nightly dances are unwanted, and exhaust the prince and make him ill. East of the Sun, West of the Moon: A variant (one of MANY) of Beauty and the Beast from Norway, in which the youngest of a large, poor family, enters into an arranged marriage with a polar bear. Unlike Belle, this girl (unnamed) does not go without resistance, but gives in to help her family. The bear treats her very well, but she misses her family, but a suggestion from her mother on a trip home ends revealing the truth, the bear is in fact a cursed prince, now revealed, has been whisked back home to wed an ogre princess. So she sets off to find him again and break his curse, not through her love, but through her skills. The Little Mermaid: This is one of the few stories which I greatly prefer to the Disney version (which I enjoy the songs and design, but never really even loved as a movie). The titular mermaid is a rare intellectual fairy tale heroine, fascinated with learning about the world above the surface. She transcends her prescribed roles in her continuing curiosity, and gender roles when she disguises herself as a boy and goes riding with the Prince. The prince, for that matter, is almost an afterthought. His love for the princess whom the mermaid almost kills along with him, is even slightly developed- he believes her the one who saved him from drowning. And while the ending may have been intended to be bleak, I think the deus ex machina for the mermaids 100 years of good deeds for her soul is worthy considering her selfless act leading to her own death.
  • My favorite fairy is Snow White and the Twelve Wild Swans. Both feature an independent, strong, and resourceful young women. The Wild Swans especially. Elsie crushes nettles with her feet and hands to save her brothers and have you ever touched a stinging nettle? They hurt like hell.
  • Are you crazy, or on drugs or something? Fairytales, except the Disney versions, are horrible. People die, or get chopped up or disfigured, or eaten!
  • Fairy tales are a lie. Just about every one is about a princess who waits for prince charming to show up and rescue her. Really ladies? Why cant you be self-sufficient and save yourselves?  fairy tales teach little girls how to be gold diggers and moochers.The only person a girl should depend on is herself. there is no real life prince charming, and there is no magical ride off into the sunset.  Guys will come into your life and then they will eventually leave. hell, ladies will come into a guys life thinking she is a princess and use him for what he has then once he is cleaned out, they leave him brokenhearted and  broke. There is no happy ending for the girl locked in the tower. therefore, fairy tales are a lie.
  • The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. 

    It has everything.  A prince, a princess, a dragon, a quest, and yet it still manages to stomp the fairy tale stereotype into the ground.  Such an awesome book.
  • I don't like Fairytale... since almost every story ended with a prince charming came, saving & married the heroine... Like you only can saved by man, not yourself.
    But if i had to choose.... Hansel& Gratel... they saved their asses their self and killed the witch.
    but i would like to be the witch apprentice. I'm good at cooking, so she would keep me and i would be the next witch and curse my step mother who throw us into the jungle. And RULE the world...
    {Okay, I'm evil}
  • I've always liked Rapunzel because of her long hair and how the prince wanted to come to her tower and save her. The recent Disney movie really sparked my love for the old story, also. I can't really put my finger on specific ones, because I loved reading tons of European fairytales when I was younger. Hard question.
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