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What bad habit have you broken?

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  • I think I've answered this question before. When I was a senior in high school, there was this kid, Jason. Couldn't stand him. He was one of those kids that made you just want to scream listening to him talk. He used the work "like" every other word. For one year and maybe longer, I managed to completely eradicate that word from my vocabulary. Basically, hearing him use it, he sounded like a moron. I decided I couldn't stand to hear myself say it either. I've now reverted back to using it again, but not every other word. I can still remember that guys name. I can also remember the kid in my junior year who kicked my chair. God, I hated that guy.
  • I used to have a bad bad habit of needing to wiggle/rock myself to sleep with my leg. It took a few horrible nights of fighting myself, but i advently broke through. I still till this day find myself at times needing to do it when i cant get to sleep fast or get comfortable...so is it really 'broken'??? :)
  • Using the word "gay" as an adjective when I mean stupid, silly, dumb, etc
  • biting my nails

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    he tattoo looks like an eye...

    You guys like it?
    qurl stop getting tats

  • the bad habit i stopped is cutting myself
  • None! I pursue and attempt to perfect my bad habits.
  • I gave up a three pack-a-day smoking habit cold turkey. No credit to me. I smoked my last cigarette on the way to the hospital with a heart attack, and haven't had one since. That was in December of 2004, just before Christmas. For a year after, I patted my shirt pocket out of habit whenever an urge struck me. I no longer get those urges.
  • I completely quit drinking soda years ago.
    It seemed unfathomable "no soda?" but I switched to water and don't miss it at all!!!
    The only downside is going to friends houses and  all they have to drink is soda.
    My icon actually shows how that makes me feel.
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