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What are your favorite LJ communities?

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  • Definitely  and ! Super wish I could "reblog" poems from the latter like you can on tumblr. Instead I copy-paste ^_^

    In fandom-world,  and  are pretty fun :)
  • . Without this lovely community of writers, I wouldn't have gotten nearly as much writing done over the last year and a half as I have. I've completed NaNoWriMo three times as well as the new event, FeNoWriMo for the first time ever just last week. That amounts to 175,000 words altogether, not including all the writing I've done separate from those events. My latest completed story, Darkness Falls would probably still be swimming around in my head, largely unfinished. They help to keep me motivated through these writing events. They're the reason these events are still fun and new, because you never know what kind of memories or friendships will be formed from them. They're also the reason I've found my muse and a constant reminder of why writing is fun. I think I tend to forget sometimes. When things are hard, like when I was struggling so much with my mother's death last year, I let writing become a chore. It's so hard to focus on writing when I'm preoccupied with other things, but I force myself to, because I feel even worse when I'm not being productive on a regular basis. When you're forcing yourself to do anything, it can quickly become something you dread. Which is weird, because I originally got into writing for the complete opposite reason - because it distracted me from my problems. I'm not sure why or how that changed, but...then again, I suppose I do. Because when you hit rock bottlem, you lose interest in things you once loved. But when I know I have this community waiting for me, I can't wait to open up that chat room and Word again. I know they'll manage to make it fun and memorable, no matter how I'm feeling at the time, and for some reason, they make me prolific as all hell. I guess they kind of remind me of when I first got into writing seriously. It was such an exciting and new thing for me, I couldn't wait to write down my ideas. sort of brings me back to that time, and...in a way, I guess they are my muse <3 And an honorable mention goes to for reminding me that I'm in good company with my obsession <3
  • To be honest, I don't really take part in many communities these days. That's probably because, since adding ONTD to my watch list, I tend to read LJ with communities filtered out, as otherwise it's fairly ONTD heavy! I mean, I like ONTD, it's interesting (if occasionally a bit US-centric), but there are upwards of 20 or 30 posts a day there, so it does tend to dominate. I suppose I could create a filter that has "all communities except ONTD"... My actual favourite communities are...probably ones I shouldn't mention in an un-flocked post, but outside of that I'm quite fond of and . Also and . Also anything involving LOLcats. :-)
  • Hmmm. That would appear to be a couple of Slash communities... I'm not obsessed, really...
  • My favorite community is because it's the one group I feel I really fit in. And everyone is so nice. I missed this place the most when I was without a computer. My favorite Twilight community is which is for Rob/Kristen shippers.
  • charloft, blair_chuck, meester_minions, and others.

  • qt O/T community
  • The best OT comm . Everyone is so friendly and nice! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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